Spotlight on Pirate Themed Offices

Yargh, matey! Join us on a swashbuckling pirate adventure, brought right into your own business! Pirate themes are engaging for both young and seasoned sailors. Let your imagination sail the 7 seas by transforming your medical office, childcare centre, hotel family room, or any kid-focused environment to offer your guests an exciting visit both above and deep below the waves.

Beloved by all ages, pirates are an endlessly fun and daring theme to bring to any office to make the wait times go by in the blink of an eye-patch clad eye.

Let’s review some classic IDS pirate-inspired offices and explore how many ways this exciting genre can be incorporated into any child-oriented environment.

Pirate Play Areas

Pirate Ship Themed Play Areas and Kids’ Rooms

A pirate ship makes the perfect play area structure! The craggy wooden walls of a ship and cannon portholes not only translate into a wide array of play area shapes, sizes, and styles, but also act as a child’s imaginary portal to a new world.

Play structures create private areas or playrooms where kids can be kids, while adults can sit together and relax in their own area catered to them.

Pirate ships are the perfect environment to spark a child’s imagination. Children can pretend to be a pirate themselves, steering the ship towards buried treasure or firing off cannons at the enemy. They can pretend to be a scuba diver searching for old abandoned treasure on the dark of the ocean floor. The possibilites are endless.

Beyond their imaginations, don’t forget to add some games to entertain kids as well…

Pirate Games and Activities

Little ones can settle into a sunken ship to explore and play games on wall-mounted gaming stations, treasure chest bead tables, and even a real helm so kids can steer the ship.

Active play like climbing structures and slides is a great way for kids to burn off some energy. Parents will appreciate it.

Video games and tablets will keep older kids and teens happy. Interactive games can be added to the sculpted walls of a pirate ship or tucked into a treasure chest!

Rich Environments

Fill your environment beyond the play area. Walls, desks, seating and more are waiting to be themed.

Murals Full of Pirate Treasure

Even if you don’t have the space to incorporate an entire ship in your office, beautifully illustrated 2D wall murals can bring kids in on the action just as effectively. An illustration of a sunken pirate ship will have kids wondering – why did the ship sink? What undersea creatures now occupy the cabin? The possibilities are endless and sure to pass the time.

You can even incorporate an I Spy picture find game in your mural so children will be able to search for treasure within the mural. We can theme the objects in the game around your type of business – find 3 toothbrushes or 6 bandaids or 4 butterflies drawn to match real local flora and fauna. Within a medical environment, this is a fun way to help familiarize and desensitize younger, more nervous children with objects that doctors use to help patients.

We have many styles to choose from. Below you can see how our illustrated ‘assets’ can be used to create a custom scene to suit your style.

Nautical Reception Desks

Welcome families to the ocean with a nautical themed reception desk. Big or small, murals or 3D sculptures, these desks are a great way to bring guests into your business.

Underwater Bench and Stool Seating Ideas

Exciting pirate adventures can even be incorporated into your seating! This round seating arrangement loops around a sculpted crow’s nest centerpiece, with a grinning captain turtle, keeping a look out for danger. Around the mast are sculpted 3D fish.

Spark imagination in your visitors. Is this bench an old ship mast perhaps?

Incorporating a photo op character into a themed seating area elevates a bench to a whole new level.

Small stools are great for children.

Pirate and Pals Brushing Mirrors

Pirates and their water-dwelling friends like sharks and alligators make great frames for brushing mirrors in dental office brushing areas. Don’t miss that gold tooth detail on the pirate. Small details are what makes theming magical.

Pirate Theater Spaces

Whether a large seating area or a small private room, theaters create an entertaining space for kids where they can sit back and enjoy a movie or even a presentation from staff.

Add seating and a TV or projection screen to create a theater atmosphere.

A dental or medical office with a theater area creates a perfect space for local clubs, scouts, and schools to come visit for an educational presentation.

Larger Than Life

Pirate Themed Exterior Landmark Characters

Set the tone for your pirate adventure and reel clients in by bringing your theme outside!! We love the way these giant octopuses riding pirate ships let any passerby know how incredible the clinic and dental office, respectively, is inside.

Landmarks also act as a memorable photo op. Children and families love to pose beside these behemoths and share on their social feeds.

Pirate Photo Op Characters

Speaking of photo ops, smiling characters on benches create amazing photo opportunities for young and old. By incorporating signs and logos into the shot, your business brand will be included in every photo.

Talk about adventure on the high seas! No office is complete without a charming photo op to help boost social media engagement.

The minnow moustache on this shark captain is sure to get a few laughs.

Love our pirate themed offices? There’s more where that came from!

Sunken Ship Play Area

Pirate Octopus Undersea Adventure

Want a pirate themed office of your own? Our Creative Consultants can’t wait to help you get your sea legs!

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