Top 11 Creative Reception Desks

It’s the first and last thing your patients see when they walk through the door of your office, so why not make it exciting? Your reception desk is the first point of contact for any visitor to your practice, new and returning. It acts as the focal point of your office space, drawing the eye to the administration team and guiding anxious new patients who may not know where to check-in.

For these reasons, if you want to bring some fresh new excitement to your office, the obvious first place to start is the reception desk! We’ve created hundreds over the years, but let’s narrow down some of our favorites.


1. Frigid and Fun Front Reception

The immersive sculptures and murals in this desk design will make you feel like you’re part of the action! By utilizing the desk space itself, it looks like the reception was carved right out of a glacier with snowy overhang still intact. Even the floor is exciting, allowing guests to follow the bear paw prints and penguin flippers directly from check-in to their appointment. Not only is it fun, but also a great distraction for kids who may be nervous.

The treatment area in this office is as cool as the desk.

2. Under the Sea Whale Welcome Desk

This reception desk is the ultimate example of a show-stopping entrance to your office. From the vibrant colors to the life-sized whale, be prepared to have pictures of your front desk plastered all over social media!

Immersive, colorful, and fun, this beautiful front desk has it all. Sculpted seaweed pillars are built right into a beautiful coral reef desk that incorporates both custom 3D fish and vibrant mural work – never mind the giant 3D whale suspended from the ceiling! While not only acting as a dazzling greeting to patients, nervous children will instantly forget their fears of the doctor or dentist the moment they see the friendly whale smiling at them when they come inside.

There’s a lot more underwater decor to see in this office.

3. Zoom Around the World Reception Desk

This globetrotting reception desk has no lack of exciting features to look at! Remember at the beginning how we discussed the front desk as the focal point that sets up the entire office experience?

This jet-setting design sets the theme for the rest of the office, which features a wide variety of exotic environments – will patients prefer the treatment room set in the pyramids of Egypt or the busy streets of London? What a great way to theme your space! This unique build incorporates 3D sculptures on a 2D mural, making each piece stand out even more.

Explore the rest of the world in this dental office.

4. A Sophisticated Woodland Mural Desk

What could be better than walking through the door of your local doctor’s office and being greeted with a serene forest setting? This sophisticated silhouette combines soft greens and browns to create a beautiful and soothing environment while still feeling fun. Done entirely in a 2D mural, the depth of this inviting forest will have patients coming back again and again.

We love this reception desk mural for more teen and adult-oriented environments that still want a unique design.

5. A Simple Seaside Check-in Desk

You don’t have to dive too deep with theming to make a huge impact! The adorable dolphin mural covers the entire front wall, and 3D sculpted dock supports transport any guest to a beachy seaside vacation upon arrival.

Check out the rest of this beach themed reception area.

6. A Fantastical Castle Adventure Reception Desk

This reception desk is like entering a portal into a magical world! From floor to ceiling, the inquisitive dragon and stacks of books will keep kids entertained while their parents schedule their next appointment. For this build, we incorporated 3D characters everywhere possible, utilizing not only desk and wall space, but ceiling tiles as well! The extra book sculpts on the counter really bring the theme to life, allowing staff and patients alike to get in on the adventure. 

Tip: can you find the Dental Care for Dragons book? 

Like this desk? Check out the entire magical office here.

7. Pirates in the Bayou Welcome Desk

Visual storytelling is a great way to decorate your front reception. In this exciting pirate themed example, kids and parents alike will love the eager crocodile gazing at the eye-patch clad turtle – a great character to grab a photo with while waiting for their appointment. In the background mural, we see a pirate ship silhouette. Is it a pirate ship full of pirate turtles? Who knows! It leaves enough to the imagination to excite any child waiting for their checkup.

Not only is this desk ideal for storytelling, the incorporation of 3D characters both to the side and on the desk itself really brings it to life. Plus, a convenient “welcome” sign guides new patients effortlessly!

There’s more to see in this bayou office.

8. Tropical and Technicolor Reception Desks

Ocean themed desks are one of our most popular designs, and it’s easy to see why! This bright and fun reception desk area is filled with fantastical 2D murals and 3D elements that liven the space instantly. We even themed the dividing walls to look like ocean waves! Can you spot the baby fish?

Explore the rest of this deep sea office decor here.

9. Explore Shipwreck Cove Desk and Bonus Play Area

This bright and colorful reception desk also doubles as the entrance to the kids play area, the perfect example of an IDS Space™! Utilizing the combined reception desk and play area spaces, this entirely 3D shipwreck themed archway makes it feel like you’re entering a whole new world of undersea adventure, while keeping the rest of the waiting area geared towards adults. Not only is this fun for your guests, but your staff will also love feeling like they’re part of the undersea action too.

10. Welcome to the Savannah Desk

We love the way playful animals are used as functional supports in this safari themed reception area. It also acts as a great example that not all custom theming has to be an entire overhaul – the original tile design on the front of the desk was kept while the new design elements were created to surround it.  The tall giraffe also acts as a playful photo op, while the thatched roof makes the entire experience feel more immersive.

Click here to tour the rest of this safari office.

11. A Dino-mite Dinosaur Themed Desk

This desk will make your guests feel like they’re part of an exciting archaeological dig! Dinosaurs are a favorite for young and old, so the combination of partially excavated fossils and hanging pterodactyls are both fun and visually engaging. Bonus! The 3D fossils create an exciting sensory experience for children to touch while they wait. This client opted to incorporate their business name into their front desk, and this was seamlessly done by painting each letter to look like the ancient rocks surrounding it.

There’s more to uncover at this dino dig, check out the rest of the dinosaur-themed office here.

Transforming your space is as easy as theming your front desk with a magically creative touch. New patients will instantly know they made the right choice when they see the effort that you have put into your office, while existing patients will recommend your practice to all their friends. Before you know it, referrals will sound like “I go to the doctor with the giraffe at the front desk”!

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