Top 5 Functional Pediatric Dental Office Decor Ideas

For dental offices big or small, using each square foot of your space to its full potential is a top priority to ensure the comfort of your patients (we all want to avoid dental crowding afterall). Knowing just how important efficient use of space is, it can sometimes make bold theming feel difficult due to floor space restraints, low ceilings, or even just logistics of people coming and going – but we have good news! You can have an efficient practice AND have a fun theme by utilizing functional decor to transform your space!

What do we mean by functional decor?

Any piece of decor in your office with a purpose beyond just being a nice decoration is considered functional decor. Functional decor can be a sculpture that doubles as seating, adorable characters that hold wayfinding signage, or a playful reception desk that is a great social media photo op.

Here are 5 functional decor ideas to get you inspired to re-imagine the potential of your office.

#1: Brushing Mirrors

Brushing mirrors are already a necessary addition in any dental practice (especially pediatric dentists), so why not maximize their impact by sculpting them into wall art? Adorable characters like smiling fish or grinning tigers both contribute to a playful jungle theme while doubling as brushing mirrors to coach kids on their tooth cleaning technique.

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#2: Themed Seating

Reception area seating is the #1 most bulky and space-consuming item in any office. Seeing as seating is, of course, non-negotiable, why not use it to your advantage by making it the centerpiece of your office theme?

Wrap incredible centerpiece sculpture in round plush seating…

Add a grinning photo op to a long bench seating…

Or even transform your seating into themed props, like these cute mushrooms fitting in perfectly with this woodland office…

You can even add book and toy storage into your themed benches…

Themed seating is uniquely suited to immerse guests into your decor, making your environment even more impactful. The space would already be taken up by chairs or other seating, so why not transform it?

Love this idea? Us too! Check out some more examples of fun waiting room seating!

#3: Wayfinding Signage

Plain signs that aid in direction can often make a practice feel cold and clinical. By having the signage held up by a whimsical character or featuring a cartoon drawing, not only are you creating a playfulness that really lightens the mood in a kid-centric practice, but it can also tie your necessary and useful signage into your theme.

Hanging signs for the ceiling is a great space-saving option. You’re really theming every square inch of your space when you take advantage of your ceiling tiles to direct traffic.

Wayfinding is more than just a sign or arrow – it can consist of colors and themes to separate areas. Decorating each treatment room with a different theme is a great way to create an information system that guides people through your physical environment. It enhances visitor’s understanding and experience of your space.

#4: Storytelling Reception Desk

The reception desk is the first thing your patients see when they walk through the door, so make it work for you. Make it say hello and welcome guests in with signs, a smiling character, or a themed scene telling a story. Kids will know they are about to go on an adventure when a waving elephant or friendly otter is waiting to greet them.

#5: Self Check-In Stations

A bit of modern technology can stick out like a sore thumb in a themed office but when it’s built right into a sculpture, bulky screens can be transformed into FUNctional hardware. We love the way these tiki inspired sculptures blend seamlessly into this jungle theme while still allowing easy self check-in.

Your office space truly holds endless potential when you begin to factor in the addition of functional decor. Whether your office is big or small, we can theme it all!

Want to learn how? Reach out to us and one of our Creative Consultants will be happy to help you decide the best way to bring some whimsy and fun to your practice.

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