Multi Themed Healthcare Offices

A Photo Op For Every Occasion

This multi-location healthcare facility with both dental and medical services wanted a special place for children in each location. Each mural was taken from the IDS Essentials™ Collection, while each photo op character was a custom design created to match the chosen IDS Essentials™ theme. The designs adapted to suit every location depending on the size and requirements of each facility.

With a different combination of full wall murals, varying sizes of benches, 3D or 2D characters and trees, branded sign, bookshelves & cubby holes, each location has its own unique style, space, and theme.

The designs include:

  • A ‘cavity free’ octopus with a toy bucket and a full wall mural, an alligator scout on a rocky jungle bench.
  • A graphics tree with a friendly 3D ‘cavity free’ owl popping out.
  • A seal in an underwater corner with sunken ship benches.
  • A 3D tree book shelf with a unfortunate squirrel getting some much needed medical attention.
  • A hungry koala above a bench with lots of storage room.
  • A flamingo on safari reading an intriguing guide book beside a pile of crates.
  • A panda in climbing bamboo with a rocky cubby hole below.
  • A woodland scene full of happy birds and a fox getting a check up.
  • And finally, an adventurous elephant with crates and luggage, ready to fly.

IDS delivered exactly what we wanted. They took our grand ideas and turned them into cohesive themes suitable for our spaces and our budget. We loved customizing the small details and they walked us through the process every step of the way.

Dr. Jennifer Kreidler-Moss

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