View of ocean themed hospital with sculpted whales, coral and underwater wall murals.

Dive into an Ocean Themed Children’s Hospital

Cladded bench with a surrounding sandcastle themed structure and an overhanging red octopus

Medical Clinic Below the Sea Decor

Cladded corner seating area with palm trees, a hanging monkey, and treasure chest behind.

Treasure Island Dental Office Play Area

Large humpback whale sculptures suspended from the ceiling with other friendly sea creatures

Shipwreck Themed Medical Heath Center

Library room prehistoric wall detail of 3D swimming saber-toothed tiger and fish

Travel Back in Time to a Prehistoric Library

Dental treatment bay themed with silhouette underwater murals and hanging 3D aquatic characters.

Contemporary Ocean Oasis Office Decor

Coral themed play slide with sculpted seal on top set against underwater themed wall murals.

Dive into an Aquatic Themed Autism Therapy Clinic

Atlantis-themed treatment room featuring a contemporary underwater mural and ornate columns.

Ornate Atlantis Ortho Office Decor

Full view of an underwater-themed area combining 3D sculpted coral elements with 2D silhouetted wall murals and a cladded bench seating area with a waving seal character

Deep Blue Underwater Themed Medical Clinic

Colorful wooden crate bench with photo op sculpted flamingo character against a colorful safari-themed wall mural

Photo Ops for a Multi-Location Health Center

Kid friendly whale, dolphin, and turtle characters hanging from the ceiling.

Whales Visit These Multi-Location Dental Offices

Sculpted faux rock wall with built in seating for childrens' hospital

Stunning Contemporary Sea Life in a Modern Hospital

Custom sculpted trees with sloth and chameleon characters in a hospital ER department

Contemporary Jungle Themed Pediatric Emergency Room

Kids shipwreck themed play area partitioned with sculpted ship walls

Hidden Pirate Treasure Pediatric Office

Ocean-themed kid's play area with colorful wall murals of swimming sea creatures and an enclosed space with sculpted shipwreck entrance and wall mounted play panels. creatures and an enclosed space with sculpted shipwreck and wall mounted play panels.

Shipwreck Playroom for an Underwater Themed Office

Underwater-themed play area with colorful wall murals, sculpted sea-themed characters and shipwreck cladding.

Deep Sea Decorated Play Area & Treatment Room

Undersea-themed reception area with colorful wall murals, custom bench seating, jellyfish lights, sculpted ocean characters, coral and seaweed.

Immersive Underwater Themed Dental Practice

Ocean-themed waiting area with colorful wall murals and large sculpted pirate ship play structure with slide and sculpted characters.

Stylish Ocean Themed Office in the UK

Ocean-themed waiting area with underwater wall murals, large sculpted swimming whale and sea creatures emerging from the ceiling

Calming Ocean Themed Surgery Recovery Room

Shipwreck themed play area with sculpted sunken ship entrance and orca whale suspended from the ceiling.

Sunken Shipwreck Children’s Play Area

Photo-op bench in kid's dental office featuring crocodile, manatee, and otter characters.

Otter and Manatee River Themed Office

Entrance to a kid's play area with undersea-themed wall mural and sculpted yellow submarine wall cladding.

Underwater Submarine Pediatric Play Area

Savannah-themed wall murals, sculpted hippo character wearing medical scrubs and contemporary trees for children's hospital unit desk.

Savannah Children’s Hospital Theming

Noah's ark themed kid's theater entrance.

Two Tickets to This Ark Themed Movie Theater

Entrance into an undersea, shipwreck-themed reception area with sculpted coral, seaweed and wood board 'welcome' sign. Themed wall murals, sculpted characters and custom centerpiece bench with shipwreck wall cladding add to the decor.

Deep Sea Adventure Pediatric Medical Clinic

Noah's ark themed reception desk area with wall murals, sculpted animal pairs and ark wood cladding. A large pair of giraffes extend from the exterior to the interior side of a window.

Noah’s Ark and Animal Office Decor

Underwater themed waiting area with sculpted shipwreck walls and octopus scuba diver character.

Kids Can Make a Splash in This Ocean Office

Dental office reception area with ocean-themed wall murals, window murals and sculpted coral reef and shipwreck cladding on the reception desk and ceiling area.

Pug-Tastic Undersea Scuba Adventure Dental Office

Ocean-themed reception/play area with underwater wall murals and sculpted shipwreck room divider. The desk has sculpted pier posts and beach sand cladding. A custom cushion seat with coral and wood barrel base sits off to the side and sculpted sea creatures are suspended from the ceiling.

An Ocean of Smiles Undersea Office Decor

Underwater, Atlantis themed wall murals with sculptures of a mermaid and dolphin swimming down from the ceiling.

Discover Atlantis in This Ocean Dental Office

Swimming sea creatures and a scuba diver suspended from the ceiling

Land & Sea Themed Multi-Location Pediatric Office

Realistic jungle-themed reception area with 2 sculpted floor-to-ceiling trees and a monkey sitting in the leafy branch

Realistic Jungle Orthodontic Office Decor

Underwater manatee river themed dental office with colorful wall murals, sculpted pier posts, manatee and fishing seagull.

Manatee River Themed Dental Office Decor

Comical reception desk with sculpted cladding of squished, jungle characters.

Marine & Jungle Themes Collide in This Dental Office

Huge, landmark, beach-themed sculpture of multiple animal mascots surfing and driving a jeep through a waterfall and appearing as though they are bursting through a dental office exterior wall.

South Pacific Themed Undersea Office Decor

Giant, sculpted exterior pirate octopus character looking through a spy glass at the front of a pirate ship.

Sunken Pirate Ship Dental Office

Kids in beach-themed pediatric waiting room with surfboard shaped gaming units, custom murals and 3D sculpted characters.

A Story Book Comes to Life in this Dental Practice

Giant exterior, landmark octopus sculpture wearing a scuba mask on the rooftop of a kids dental office

Undersea & Dinosaur Combo Dental Office



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