Deep Sea Themed Play Area

Deep Sea Waiting and Play Area

After seeing the great response from the community and patients at his first IDS themed office, our client was excited to add themed decor to the design of his new pediatric dental practice.

For his second office, this doctor wanted to re-create the same magic and unique feel in a slightly smaller space. Themed decor can be added at any scale, so of course, we were up to the task! Our designers used the same office mascot, Shades the dog, and the underwater theme from the first office and incorporated them in new and fun ways.

The waiting area has floor to ceiling wall murals with underwater scenes filled with details kids will love. The play area entrance is made to look like a sunken ship and has an amazing photo op of a deep-sea diver and Shades the dog just in front. Kids and parents won’t be able to resist taking some photos with Shades and sharing them online! Inside the play area are more colorful murals, wall-mounted tablet and console games, and Keebee play units to keep kids entertained while they wait for their appointment.

The reception area has lots of amazing sculptures as well. There is an impressive whale next to the reception desk with stingrays and turtles suspended from the ceiling and swimming around him.

In the open bay Shades is there again as well as a friendly whale shark and more murals and decal graphics that carry the theme into the treatment area for patients to enjoy.

The doctor was very involved throughout the design and production process and worked closely with the IDS designers to make sure his unique vision came to life in his new underwater office.

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I felt like I really had a sense of what I was doing in my office. From the online meetings and the markups that explained everything from colors and foliage, to the 3D models of my characters, IDS really created a complete picture. I didn’t realize I was going to see my whole office before it was built. I was so excited to see every new email you sent.

– Dr. Tim Verwest

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