Underwater Themed Dental and Ortho Office

Kids & Contemporary Ocean Oasis Office Decor

Both our classic kids style and contemporary style theming are deployed throughout this office.

As guests walk through the front door, they must enter through two giant columns of seaweed and an impressive archway designed by IDS.

When guests walk in to the lobby, they will instantly be greeted by a giant humpback whale smiling down. Giant whales are a popular creation in the Imagination Design Studios portfolio. They are a magnificent addition to any space and wow our clients with their size and impact.

Kids can play at the tablet game stations and be kept company by the curious octopus perched on top of the rocks above. Cutline window murals in our contemporary mural style create a privacy screen on the exterior windows.

While parents are checking-in, kids can hangout with a few of the office residents, Frank and George the seal lions. The two are posed perfectly around a contemporary branded feature piece. Three custom glass blown bubbles float above the bench. Elegant bubble acrylic and a brightly printed acrylic featuring the office logo curve around the medical grade vinyl bench seating to capture a picture-perfect moment.


Patients should bring their goggles the treatment bay to see how many new creatures they can spot. The ceiling is outfitted with an array of aquatic characters like custom glass blown jelly fish, 3D sculpted stingrays, tuna, sea turtles, and a dolphin. When kids are in the chair, their mind will be anywhere but their cleaning.

To extend theming throughout the entirety of their office, the treatment bay walls and examination rooms area are outfitted with contemporary underwater themed murals to bring this space to life.

On the way out, patients can snap a photo with the branded shark photo op. This charming character can be moved inside, outside, or taken to trade shows and events.

Patients and parents will feel like they have jumped into a giant aquarium in this pediatric and orthodontic dental practice. This space harbors a refreshing atmosphere, helping clients feel entertained and relaxed so the dental team can do what they do best – teach children good dental habits, wellness, and confidence for the rest of their lives. If you have any questions on what we can do for your space, you know where to find us.

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This office brings together my passion for dentistry, my care for children, and my love of the sea.

- Dr. Anna Berik
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