Ark Themed Dental Office

Noah’s Ark and Animal Office Decor

You’ll find two of everything in this bustling Noah’s Ark themed office! Friendly pairs of animals are watching over the reception desk ready to make kids smile. Can you spot the playful pandas and mischievous monkeys up in the tree?

You can start your journey by visiting the tall giraffes for a photo opportunity, or watch the TV on top of the elephant while waiting to be seen. The hallway leading into the treatment area has faux windows with custom animal scenes to make every zone of the office feel like it is part of the ark.

There are two exciting treatment areas showing scenes from both inside and outside of the ark. When entering the treatment bay, you will find it filled with murals depicting the scene outside the ark with colorful, fun characters. The half-height mural applied to the floor-to-ceiling windows has a splash of underwater fun to entertain patients while maintaining the view outside.

Countless animals are on deck throughout to make children feel welcome and relaxed!

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