Prehistoric Themed Library

Travel Back in Time to a Prehistoric Library

Welcome to this vibrant prehistoric themed library. Kids will feel as though they have stepped into a story before they’ve even opened a book in this space.

A little fun fact about this library is that it was designed and installed as a unique way to celebrate the history of the Columbia Basin area in the Pacific Northwest. This region has a dynamic landscape that illuminates the tale of this its primal past that paved the ground we walk on today. Theming is a one-of-a-kind way to communicate stories like these to younger generations and get them interested in learning about it through engaging, exciting decor.

There are plenty of new pals to make here. They can hangout with Manny the Mammoth posted up in the corner with his kayak, suited up to take kids on an adventure to find the perfect story to read. Manny is custom designed and hand sculpted out of foam. He is also coated with a durable hard coat rubber which makes him tough enough to keep up with the most energetic kids that are eager to interact.



Once kids have found a book they love, they can post up at a desk or in a cozy chair and read to the smiley saber-toothed tiger named Sally, swimming over with her trout friends to listen.

But they aren’t the only ones interested in hearing a tale as old as time… check out the curious otter and fish mounted to supporting beams, designed to look as if they are transcending from a chilly arctic surface.

To elevate the space even further, select feature walls have been fitted with underwater themed silhouette murals. Silhouette murals are a calming edition to any space and add a contrasting, but complimentary level of dimension to this library.

Together these elements all come together to create an exciting, inviting, and encouraging space for kids and their families to enjoy, learn in, and get lost in their imaginations.


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