Underwater Themed Group Practice

Wonderful Whales Visit These Multi-Location Dental Offices

Theming has been going swimmingly at 5 locations of this group orthodontic and pediatric dental practice, with offices offering exceptional care (and exceptional décor) to clients across California.

Patients of this dental group can walk into any of these offices and expect to be greeted by a cladded pirate ship themed reception desk and bright welcome sign. Next, they can then say hello to a friendly big blue whale, grin back at the smiley dolphin, and give a wave to a flip-flopping sea turtle.

Whichever location they decide to visit, parents will be at ease knowing that their children can be entertained in a dedicated kids zone equipped with wall-mounted gaming systems and colorful underwater themed murals while waiting for their appointment. The wall mural, Kids Zone sign, and gaming was adapted to fit the wall space in each location.

The excitement doesn’t stop there as thrilling murals stretch throughout the entirety of each location. From the waiting room to examination bay, the murals extend the brand experience throughout the spaces and provide a stimulating environment for children to get lost in their imaginations.

By theming multiple locations while using repeatable characters and murals, not only has this client saved design time, but they have helped create a stand-out identity. Together with IDS, these 5 practices have been able to present a unified front of who they are, what they do, and the standard they provide by redeploying a consistent theme across locations.

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