This client had recently completed a theming project with IDS for their first office (check out the jungle themed office here) and quickly decided to theme their new location as well. Now both offices create memorable experiences for the kids in their community.

For their second office, an underwater theme was chosen. Patients enter through a street-level door that leads them up a set of stairs to the reception area. Right as visitors step through the glass doors they will be face to face with an amazing whale dipping down from the ceiling over the reception desk.

The desk itself features coral themed cladding on the front. Along with some custom underwater murals, the reception area has a themed prize tower to reward kids for successful appointments.

Down the hall kids will be delighted to find a beach play area with a pirate ship play structure and lots of colorful murals. The elephant ship captain, wall mounted game units, and whimsical details will hold the attention of young patients waiting for their appointments. The adorable monkey pirate even acts as a photo op where visitors can make a social media moment to share online.

The brushing area has multiple stations, each with a different animal character mirror and full floor to ceiling murals to complement the 3D elements. No kid will resist brushing their teeth when they can do it in such a fun environment!

Kids will also be happy to find the special theater area where they can join a friendly dolphin wearing 3D glasses who is ready to watch a movie with their popcorn and drink.

I saw the importance of paediatric services in an urban area and decided to invest in a practice located in the heart of London, UK. Paediatric practices are relatively common in other countries, including the USA, but we believe there are certainly not enough of them here in the UK. In the UK, paediatric dentistry is covered by a government program, and children are seen for free, so it was important to differentiate our office in everything from dental technology and our team of experts, to an amazing design filled with theming by IDS. No one else here has anything like this.

We wanted our new practice to resemble a children’s theme park rather than a regular dental surgery, with the aim of attracting younger patients who would want to stay with us for a long time.

We are definitely recognized as a very cool and innovative office with a different approach to dentistry – which is often seen as a very boring subject in the UK. When we opened our doors for the first time we had no patients, but now our patient numbers are growing day-by-day and we are well on the way to achieving our dream. Patients love coming for their appointments and referring clinicians are happy with our service overall, so theming is one of the things that differentiates us from other London dentists.

Dr. Mykhalus




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