Underwater Submarine Themed Play Area

Underwater Submarine Play Area in a Pediatric Office

A small area gets a big makeover in our latest office install! This busy dental and orthodontic practice had a small room they wanted turned into a submarine themed play area. As children approach the play area they are presented with a sculpted yellow submarine entrance with a colorful aquatic mural behind it making it feel like they are on the ocean floor. There are 3D portholes with murals of cute critters peeking out and giving kids a preview of the fun they can expect inside.

Once inside, the walls are completely covered with custom murals made to look like the interior of a sub. There are also illustrations of playful otters and mice running and hanging out that are sure to amuse young visitors. In addition to the custom murals, there are tablet gaming units, hands-on game boards, 3D details like sculpted portholes and pipes to make it feel more immersive and fun.

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