Underwater Themed Clinic for Children with Autism

Dive into This Aquatic Themed Autism Center

Hello everyone, my name is Scuba Sam and I would like to personally invite you onboard the SS Tide, my trusty yellow submarine. On today’s adventure, we are going to submerge into the deep blue with hopes of discovering a magical place that provides ABA therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Would you look at that, folks! After a long descent, we have reached our destination, but it seems as though we aren’t the first ones to find it – check out the fish friends hooking boots to fishing lines!

For those who brought your scuba gear, be sure to leave your shoes in the coral cubby before making your way over to the reef cave. But before you head in, be sure to flap your flipper at the friendly seal perched on top of the entrance.

These friendly play structures are apart of a play area and exercise gym area for the children who visit the center. A coral slide with a friendly seal is a great activity for patients. The shoe cubby keeps the area clean. The murals provide and fun and colorful backdrop, transforming the space into a friendly ocean floor.

The IDS murals line the hallways to other treatment areas as well. Children will see something new every time they visit. Who will they want to hang out with on the ocean floor? Is it the turtle and mermaid trio on a mission with their nets? The seal searching for pearls? Or the momma and baby orca on an adventure? There is so much to explore in this underwater wonderland.

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