Underwater Reception and Waiting Area

This is the third office project for a very special dental client. Continuing the theme of underwater office makeovers, this space is the most extensive yet. The impressive reception and waiting area is the first sight visitors will see as they enter the office and features full custom wall murals, a themed check-in desk, benches, a play area, and character sculptures suspended from the ceiling above.

The front desk shows a submarine scene in low relief on a sandy ocean bottom. The yellow submarine has four porthole murals with illustrated fish swimming through and a 3D periscope above the counter with a hermit crab perched on top. The rest of the sand bar shows friendly sea creatures going about their day including a cute crab trimming the seaweed in front of his sandcastle! Above the front desk is a custom welcome sign with acrylic lettering, a hermit crab, and kelp details. Opposite the desk are sculptures of a mom and baby orca whale nuzzling under a ring of coral. Surrounding them are cast fish and handcrafted jellyfish lights.

Over in the waiting area, visitors will be delighted to explore the Crab Kingdom and Octopus Garden! The walls feature 3D relief cladding featuring sandcastles, seaweed columns, coral, and shell details. Over in the octopus garden, there is a colorful and friendly octopus gardener next to custom bench seating, who is planting sea anemones in the coral.

The coral tower leads up to the ceiling feature where a baby octopus is holding a watering can and "watering" a row of sea anemones. Fun jokes and details like the little crab imitating the octopus gardener will keep young patients entertained while they wait to see the doctor!

The cave themed eye click area is a special space for kids where they can have fun while tension over their appointment melts away.

In the hallways leading to the treatment areas, there is a lively underwater race going on between a dolphin, shark, and turtle characters. There is even a seaweed finish line with a cheerleading crab! The coral archways blend 3D elements into the small area making it feel full of magic.

The open bay treatment area is enhanced with wall-to-wall murals of underwater scenes that give patients lots to look at while in the chair. There is also an adorable octopus sculpture on the ceiling holding a toothbrush.

After visiting this engaging practice young visitors will be eager to return and to tell their friends!