Jungle Themed Dental Office

Realistic Jungle Orthodontic Office Decor

An orthodontist and a pediatric dentist share this office. Multi-specialty practices are becoming more popular; orthodontists and pediatric dentists are teaming up to form very successful businesses together.

Themed office decor from IDS is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of both younger and older patients. It has the elegance that adults appreciate and amazing hand sculpted animals that kids connect with.

In addition to our sculptural elements and murals, IDS utilizes unique materials and displays to create custom decor. This reception area was styled after a high-class hotel lobby, with a running waterfall and real bamboo.

The functional waterfall creates the relaxing atmosphere you might find at a spa. The fluid is not actually water, but a special liquid that will not grow algae or leave hard water stains and does not evaporate, so it requires little to no maintenance.

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Think about the patient experience. I have seen the response that patients and family have when they see you have created a fun and pleasant environment for them. We expect patients to invest a lot of time into their dental health and our business, but it is not always pleasant. I wanted it to be fun. Patients assume every practice has the same excellence so they decide on where to go based on where they are cared for, where it is enjoyable and fun. The knowledge and expertise is assumed in an office, but the patient experience comes after they’ve been there.

– Dr. Bobby Ghandehari

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