6 Dental Office Images that Show How Intentional Design Impacts Patient Experience

Clinical and procedural innovations aren’t the only changes impacting the dental patient experience. Browsing dental office images shows us that design and ergonomic innovation is also enhancing how patients respond to dentistry.

Design standards can begin to blend into the “woodwork” – so to speak. What was once an innovative or stylish tweak to an otherwise sterile, clinical environment might now go unnoticed. Familiarity creates a need for freshness.

Dental office design has taken on a more “high-touch,” “human” feel. Available dental office images or a relevant search will verify that decor and design are a strong influence on the overall patient experience.


1. Bright, Colorful, and Illuminating Dental Offices

Paint is a default fix for transforming a space. That said, it’s essential to go with colors that not only “pop” but also create a mood general feel.

Brightness with bold accents remains a trend leader. Seek colors that invigorate and match your practice theme.

Lighting and the fixtures that frame it are also an essential mood-setter. Natural lighting that brings the outdoors inside your reception and clinical areas can lift an otherwise sterile feeling environment.

2. Entertaining, Engaging, and Themed Dental Offices

A themed dental office design helps relax patients. There’s an appeal for children, families, and adults when they are drawn into your space via entertaining elements.

Entertainment can be framed in a variety of ways.

  • A themed movie area/room.
  • Television monitors above treatment room chairs.
  • Interactive decor and gaming areas.

Engagement and theming also personalizes your dental office environment.

  • Highlight local artists and their artwork (e.g. paintings, ceramic designs, etc).
  • Feature artwork from local or area students.
  • Build out your design around common or popular themes that are fun, child/family-centric, and inviting.

3. Open and Minimalist Dental Offices

An open treatment area helps create psychological “air” for patients. This stands in contrast to the traditional, closed-off, isolated layout.

Minimal design features allow for lighting enhancements and help prevent the space from feeling closed in. Openness allows for breathing room so patients feel more in common with the environment.

4. Comfortable, Relaxed, and Homey Dental Offices

Rows of chairs and stacks of magazines on reception area tables have been a design standard for years. Contrast that with carefully spaced comfortable chairs, a warm fireplace, flat screen tv monitors, a pub-table workspace, and self-serve amenities.

Patients who feel at home are more likely to stay loyal and refer others.

5. Posh, Unique, and Trendy Dental Offices

Glam or posh design doesn’t have to feel stuffy or uncomfortable. It’s more about creating an appeal that perhaps is more suited to your upscale patient base.

Urban or trendy suburban dental offices can attract and retain patients with a design that represents the demographic you serve.

A unique design footprint helps distinguish your dental office from the templated, every-practice look and feel. Again, theming, colors, and decor that is appropriate to your specific demographic will help enhance the patient experience for your unique practice culture.

6. Kid and Family-friendly Dental Offices

Anxiety in children is a common reason for designing around a theme. Kid-friendly theming helps pediatric patients relax before, during, and after their appointment(s).

A child-centric environment also helps parents/adults feel supported in their child’s dental care. Themed amenities create positive anticipation ahead of each dental visit.

These dental office images are a cross-section of intentional design strategies. The essence of each is that they appeal to your particular dental niche and demographic – creating an engaging, long-term patient experience.

Upgrade your dental office design and improve your patient experience.

Take your patient care and engagement to new levels. You’ll stand out from other service providers when you provide a unique dental experience that’s influenced by your design choices.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences

Maintain your edge in the crowded dental service space. Attention to design details can transform your environment and the overall patient experience.

  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews

Check out these design-themed resources to upgrade or renew your patient experience:

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Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience.

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