If you want families to have plenty of positive memories from visiting your office, you’ve come to the right place!

Add made-to-order pediatric decor to your office:

Kid-friendly Wall Murals
Brushing Mirrors
Sculpted Characters
Themed Benches
Wall Dividers
and so much more!

Transform Your Space with Products from Our 6 Most Popular Themes

With over a decade of experience creating themed environments in dental offices, medical clinics, and other healthcare facilities, we’re excited to bring you a collection of our most popular themes and favorite products.

With the IDS Essentials™ Collection it’s easier than ever to create kid-friendly areas in your practice. Themed decor is an eye-catching way to signal to families that you provide great care to their little ones.

Connect with a Creative Consultant today and explore the possibilities.


Before and After IDS Essentials™ Office Transformations

See What an IDS Essentials™ Mural Will Look Like on Your Wall

Send us a photo of a wall in your office that would like to see a mural on. We will create a before and after mockup of your office transformation. You don’t have to imagine anymore… now you can see it!


Why Add Theming to Your Office

It’s About Patients

Kid-centric spaces help to displace appointment anxiety in younger clients, making chair-time easier which, then results in patients who actually look forward to coming back again.

It’s About Parents

No doubt, parents want what’s best for their kids… and they also hope for appointments to be easy. Decor that engages – and even occupies – their kids gives parents the reassurance that they are in the right place.

It’s About Referrals

By giving parents even more reasons to rave about your practice, you’ll supercharge referrals from families in the community, which helps you gain more patients and build a thriving business.

Download a Copy of Our Free IDS Essentials™ Product Guide

Organized by theme, check out our product guide with inspiring ideas of how to use these fun, colorful products in your own office.


What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

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Dr. Gilman Yücel Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

It’s true what you have said, IDS is an investment, not an expense. I am one of your biggest fans (even though I am far away in Turkey). I am very happy collaborating with you, I cannot stop making new IDS Essentials™ orders.

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Ekaterina Dental Assistant

It’s less threatening, as an environment, so they’re more willing to come in and proceed with whatever treatment they need to get done. They always want to come back.

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Dr. Diya Chadha Dentist, Owner of 3 Themed Offices

Having our offices themed by IDS was probably the best decision we ever made. The colors and the decor and the theming make the office so much more friendly and welcoming and half the time the kids don’t even realize they’re at a dentist’s office.

We’d Love to Help You Explore Your Options

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