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Dr. Joe Nguyen

Dentist, Owner of 3 Themed Offices

Investing in an awesome office is far better than any advertising I could purchase. It’s a really safe investment – you’ll get your return. Don’t hesitate, it’s worth every penny

What is the first step?

Call or email us to schedule your free consultation. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have at this time, and our creative consultants will ask you about your space, budget, and theming ideas. After that, we’ll schedule an online meeting to go in-depth with photos from our past projects and talk more about the overall process. Don’t worry, there’s no obligation – the purpose of the call and the online meeting are to help uncover what is possible for your space.

When should I call during my build process?

You can call us anytime, however, the earlier the better to ensure that your deadline is attainable. We recommend calling us at least six months to a year in advance depending on the scale of your building and the complexity of your theme.

If you are still in the development stage of your office, we can discuss theming ideas and begin sketching once you have floor plans.

How much does a themed office cost?

All of our themed elements are custom-built and handcrafted. Prices vary depending on design, scope, and complexity. At IDS, there is something for everyone, and we happily work within your budget. The best way to find out pricing is to have a chat with one of our Creative Consultants. They’re ready to answer any questions and won’t push you into making any decisions before you’re ready.


Can I visit your facility?

Yes! While it is not a necessary part of the design process as we have mastered the tools need to work with our clients remotely, we would absolutely love to have any one interested come for a tour of our facility and meet the team.

Another way to meet the team and see our decor products in person is to join us at trade shows. This year we will be attending the Orange Conference for Kid and Youth Ministry, AAPD Annual Session, and AAP Experience.

What forms of payment does IDS take?

For transactions under $5,000, we accept Visa, Master Card, and PayPal. Transactions over $5,000 can be paid by check or wire transfer.

Construction is finished and my office is already open – is it too late to call?

No, it’s never too late to engage IDS. If your business is already up and running, we’ll help you select a date for your ‘theme reveal’ – it’s like a second grand opening celebration. This is a great way to create some added buzz and excitement around your newly themed office.

We also have a collection of pre-designed murals and decor products that can help speed up the process in our IDS Essentials™ Collection.

Can I finance my office theming?

Many of our clients finance their theming through their primary lender. IDS products can typically be included in the cost of your build-out, which makes talking to your bank easy. We recommend working with a local funder who will understand the long-term benefits of an investment into office theming.

Additionally for our dental customers, Bank of America Practice Solutions are familiar with our products, and several of our clients have worked with them in the past to finance their IDS project.

We also encourage you to look into grants to help fund your projects directly or help save up for new builds by funding other parts of your business. We keep a list of useful grants that can help child-friendly businesses get some extra help to reach success.




Dr. Tim Verwest

Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

I felt like I really had a sense of what I was doing in my office. From the online meetings and the markups that explained everything from colors and foliage, to the 3D models of my characters, IDS really created a complete picture. I didn’t realize I was going to see my whole office before it was built. I was so excited to see every new email you sent.

How long does it take and will it extend my build schedule?

Each office is unique and depending on the design, scope, and complexity of a project, the timeline can vary. A typical office theming project with IDS takes six to nine months from beginning to end – from concept drawings to installation. (Much shorter if you are selecting pre-designed items from our IDS Essentials™ Collection).

In terms of your build, we will be one of the last trades in the space. Installation of our products happens after all the walls are up and painted, flooring is down, cabinets are in and finishes are complete. In your build schedule, our installation typically accounts for less than a week and will likely happen when other decor items such as art and window coverings are installed.

You can learn more about our expert process here.

Will a consultant visit my office?

Technology has enabled us to be very effective at working with our clients remotely, so a site visit is not necessary. Using the latest online tools, you will feel like you are in our studio while we create your office theme. We make sure to stay connected through online meetings, phone calls, e-mails, and plenty of in-progress photos and videos.

We’ll guide you through every step of your office design process, so you feel connected and confident that the work we do matches your vision, regardless of geography.

You can learn more about our expert process here.

Will I be kept up-to-date on the build progress?

We call the process The Three Steps from Mundane to Magical, and it includes regular updates from our team. Often, these will include photos of your custom theming props being produced on our shop floor, allowing you to follow along as your project comes to life. If you are getting custom murals, you will be able to approve the final design before it goes to print.

You can learn more about our expert process here.

How do you know it will fit?

One of our first orders of business is to convert your blueprints/plans into a digital 3D model of your office (we’ll be asking for the ‘reflected ceiling plans’ for this reason). From there, everything we design is created in that 3D environment. This process not only ensures everything will fit perfectly but also gives you a great preview for how your theming elements will come together in your space.

We may also ask you for dimensions of existing spaces by getting you to measure the length and width of a wall or door.

We may also send out one of our team members to measure more complicated spaces.

Is my office too small for IDS to theme?

No! We design theming for any office size, large or small. We have created themed environments for offices ranging from 1,100 square feet to 24,000 square feet. The benefit of a completely custom-themed environment is that we create the theming to fit your space! Please visit our projects page for examples of different sized theming projects.

How much extra space do I need for theming?

Ultimately, none. Theming with murals uses existing wall surfaces and requires no footprint at all. From there, many of our products, such as themed benches, bay dividers, and kid-friendly brushing mirrors simply take the place of other essential furniture and decor items you will already have in your space.

If you have space set aside for some extra fun, we can get even more creative. With as little as 25 dedicated square feet, we can add gaming, slides, education stations, or a hand-sculpted character to your office that makes the perfect photo op for social media!

How much input do I have into the design?

Custom themed offices are exactly that – custom! We work closely with you to understand what you’d like the finished product to look like and how you want it to function. From there, our talented artists will begin by sketching concepts, allowing you to see your unique vision come life. You are welcome to provide as much input along the way as you like, or you can simply hand the creative reins over to our team – it’s entirely your decision.

You can learn more about our expert process here.

Can theming work for dental/medical facilities with older patients?

Absolutely it can – themed environments are perfect for all ages. At IDS, we are happy to design a unique office with an older clientele in mind. Many of our orthodontists customers – and dentists with more mature patients – tend to select designs from our Contemporary Collection.

Can you create designs based off my own characters?

Yes. We are always happy to create a theme or characters from any non-copyrighted artwork you supply. In fact, some clients even incorporate their pets or caricatures of themselves just for fun!

We think having a personalized character or mascot for your business is a great marketing decision. You can learn more about the benefits of having a mascot for your office in our blog.

Will the product hold up to energetic children?

We love this question. Yes, it will hold up – we guarantee it! IDS products are handcrafted by our experienced craftspeople and made with the care and materials required to meet our “kid-proof” guarantee. Everything we create is built to the highest standards for quality and durability – something that is truly unmatched in the industry.

In fact, we build our indoor props to the exact same standards as our exterior pieces and our sculpted characters have – literally – endured tornados and hurricanes and have survived, looking just as good as ever!

Is there warranty on the product?

Yes! All IDS products are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for two years.

All electronics supplied by IDS have a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Is maintenance required?

There is very little maintenance necessary to keep a themed office looking great. A light dusting is all that is needed to take care of your 3D sculpted elements. All of our three-dimensional displays are protectively coated, and our custom murals have a protective laminate allowing them to be spot cleaned with soap and water when necessary. If a more thorough cleaning or disinfecting is required, diluted bleach or CaviWipes can also be used on most products.

How does IDS affect my architect and interior designer?

The roles of your architect and interior designer remain unchanged – theming is more like the icing on the cake. Our job is to collaborate with your team to ensure that what we produce complements and enhances the layout, finishes, colors, and other design decisions that have been made.

We actively invite architects and interior designers to collaborate with us on their family-friendly projects!

What types of businesses do you work with?

We work with all types of businesses, with a focus on those serving families and children. Our extensive experience spans child-friendly businesses worldwide, including dental offices, children’s hospitals, pediatric healthcare clinics, early education providers, daycares, libraries, zoos, aquariums, children’s museums, malls, theme parks, and even chocolate shops and waterparks! There is no limit to the type of business we will work and collaborate with.

Check out our list of types of businesses we design for here.




Dr. Julie Russo

Office Manager, Owner of a Themed Office

The durability over the last 6 years has been excellent. The follow up has been great. I can call IDS anytime and they ensure any deficits or deficiencies are taken care of right away.

What is a themed environment?

A themed environment refers to a physical space that has been intentionally designed and decorated to evoke a particular “theme” or atmosphere. Themed environments are often found in various settings such as theme parks, restaurants, retail stores, museums, entertainment venues, and even private residences. Our most popular themes include: underwater, jungle, safari, beach, woodland and bayou, fantasy, dinosaur, and farmyard. Themed environments are created to engage the senses, spark imagination, and provide memorable experiences for visitors, whether they are seeking entertainment, education, or simply a new experience.

How are products found in the IDS Essentials™ different from custom theming?

Over the years, we have come to recognize some of the all-time favorite characters and most common spots for them to be placed. We’ve compiled these designs into a collection, along with a variety of other pre-designed products such as murals, bay dividers, themed benches, and operatory décor.

The manufacturing process is identical to that for custom theming, but since they are pre-designed, the production time is shortened and there is a cost savings for you. These items are designed to be easily installed by your general contractor or facilities manager, instead of requiring a member of the IDS install team, which also saves on installation costs.

Where are your facilities located?

Imagination Design Studios is a North American-based company. We have a 24,000 square foot head office and design studio is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

By keeping all design and manufacturing in-house, we maintain a superior level of quality while using materials that we know are safe and durable. In addition, our bench of experienced designers and engineers can accommodate universal requirements for accessibility and safety.

What makes IDS the best option for theming my office?

IDS has spent 30+ years under our parent company SYC creating themed environments for retail, hospitality, amusement, and healthcare industries, and over 15 years under the IDS name specializing in pediatric healthcare environments.

With over 750 dental and medical offices and child-friendly businesses transformed, and several awards later, there’s no doubt we have the expertise and skills required to create world-class products. We are proud to be the authority in office theming.

We pride ourselves on cultivating a talented team and only hire educated and experienced workers in all departments. Our team is the best, so our products are the best. But don’t just take our word for it; hear it from those who know best – our clients.

My business is doing fine, why should I theme my office now?

For dental and medical offices, theming is a fantastic opportunity to create a positive impact on a patient’s visit as well as stand out in your local community as a business focused on care.

Theming can rejuvenate an older business, attract considerably more visitors, and give you and your staff an enjoyable place to work every day. Theming an office with IDS is an investment, not an expense.

What themes can you create?

We can create any theme you desire! Creating a themed space for children can be a fun and imaginative process. Our most popular themes include underwater, jungle, safari, beach, woodland and bayou, with other themes growing in popularity including fantasy, dinosaur, and farmyard. We do have to draw the line at copyrighted characters. We can create a mermaid theme for you, but not directly copy Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Can I see samples of your themed decor products?

The best way to see our 3D decor products in person is to join us at trade shows and conferences. This year we will be attending the Orange Conference for Kid and Youth Ministry, AAPD Annual Session, and AAP Experience.

You can see a mock-up of our murals in your space by requesting a Mural Mock-up here.

What is the 3D theming made of?

Our custom props are made of lightweight foam, which gives them their shape, then a combination of wood and steel make up the internal structure for stability and durability. They are protected by an extremely resilient hard shell and then finished with high-quality paint and clear coat. Our proprietary manufacturing materials have been created through years of research and development and collaboration with suppliers. They are the secret ingredient to our unmatched quality and durability. We can share more detailed spec and safety sheets with our clients when requested.

What are IDS Essentials™ Murals and how are they different from your normal murals?

IDS Essentials™ Murals are an easy way to transform any size of space using an online tool that allows you to choose a specific section of mural to fit any wall. These murals come in our six most popular themes: underwater, beach, jungle, safari, woodland, and outer space.

Our custom murals can be any theme and are designed to specifically fit your wall based on measurements we receive from your office. Our mural designers can then design around furniture, light switches, outlets, etc, so you never have to worry about a character’s face being covered! Custom murals are printed on a laminated medical-grade vinyl that must be applied by a 3M certified installer.

Visit IDS Essentials™ Murals for a free mock-up of a mural in your space.

Where is the theming manufactured?

All of our theming is proudly made in the United States of America and Canada. This means that we can maintain a superior level of quality while using materials that we know are safe and durable. In addition, our staff of designers and engineers can accommodate universal requirements for accessibility and safety.

How will theming help my office?

The first to benefit will be your patients. Theming in dental and medical spaces helps reduce treatment anxiety and fear by creating an environment that is fun and inviting for children. When anxiety is displaced, appointments become easier – not just for the patient, but for parents and your staff too!

Practices that have themed with IDS experience supercharged growth. In part due to the benefits mentioned above, and also because theming is an exceptional marketing strategy. There’s no better foundation for a buzz-worthy experience than an IDS-themed environment. Our characters can be used to create the perfect ‘share-worthy’ photo ops inside your office. As parents post these adorable photos on social media every day, your brand benefits from the increased activity, and your brand gains access to the parent network online.

A themed office not only delights children but also creates a magical space for dentists, doctors, business owners, and their support staff. When children are happy, it can make it easier for your staff to work with them, particularly in high-stress situations such as dental and medical care.

In a nutshell, theming helps attract new clients, keeps current patients coming back, drives ongoing referrals, and keeps your staff enthusiastic about their job. It all adds up to being the first choice of families in your community.

Do you meet safety codes and regulations?

Our themed decor products meet or exceed standards of fire safety, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. We ensure that children will be safe in your themed environment. We maintain relationships with other local suppliers who share our value system of responsible manufacturing. This means that we can maintain a superior level of quality while using materials that we know to be safe and durable.





Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

I have been practicing dentistry for over a decade, and I must say, nothing could have prepared me for the exhilarating experience of having a whale
delivered to our dental office. It was absolutely mind-blowing! From the moment the majestic creature was gently lifted into our parking lot, I was bursting with excitement.

How do you ship a whole themed office?

Typically, a themed office is shipped by ground in a semitrailer. We build custom crates and carefully pack the trailer by hand to ensure safe delivery of your products. Large sculptures are modular (made of several pieces that fit together to create the finished sculpture) to allow efficient shipping, unpacking, and installation. This also ensures our giant characters will fit through your front door!

Is it expensive to ship from Canada to the US?

No, it’s not. Shipping prices from Canada to the US can be comparable to domestic shipping rates within each country. We always compare shipping rates from different carriers and consider factors such as delivery time, reliability, and any additional services offered.

Does IDS ship worldwide?

Absolutely! Regardless of where your business is located, we will find a way to deliver our amazing theming to you. IDS has successfully completed projects for locations around the world, including the US, UK, Kuwait, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Turkey, and Germany.




Alicia Harrison

Operations Manager

Let it known that I personally cannot say enough good things about your install team. After the final walkthrough today, we said our goodbyes. About 1 hour later, to my surprise, they were back and it was because the team remembered an area that needed to be touched up. That shows the dedication they have to 100% customer satisfaction. Kudos! Job Well Done!

Are there any special wall prep instructions for the murals?

Yes. You can download our wall prep instructions by clicking here.

It’s important to note that the wall prep must be completed no less than three weeks in advance of install. This is to ensure sufficient time for the paint to fully cure and off-gas before the vinyl membrane is applied to the surface.

Who does the installation?

For custom-themed offices, our team arrives on-site the same day the product does. They manage everything from offloading your props from the truck through to the final details of installation. You and your contractor don’t need to lift a finger.

If you are selecting pre-designed decor from our catalog of IDS Essentials™ instead of a custom office, these items are all designed to be easily installed by your general contractor or facilities manager.

If my office is already operational, can you install on weekends?

Yes, we will coordinate closely with you on scheduling installation while still allowing the office to remain open. Our installers are very professional and are used to working in offices that are open.

Who handles the delivery of the 3D sculptures?

We plan the shipping and delivery process for you. Our installers will be on-site when the 3D elements arrive.

How long does installation take?

Installation varies depending on the size of the project. Our average themed office takes between four to seven days to install completely.




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