Themed Tablet and Video Game Stations

Turn wait time into game time! Get creative with your game stations by building tablets or game consoles into sculptures of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want an entire sculpted wall, themed stand-alone towers, or a mural backdrop, you can create an immersive gaming experience within your space. Tablets and game consoles come preloaded with games, so your guests can jump right in and play!

Education Stations

Education Stations are a great way to entertain, engage, and educate visitors when they visit your space. Interactive learning has a deeper impact than passive listening. You can incorporate education into any theme.

An interactive station lets kids get hands on with teeth, touching squishy cavities and smelling stinky cavities. A giant model of a mouth lets children learn how to brush and floss their teeth.

Active Play – Themed Slides

Help your little guests’ burn off some energy during their visit with fun slides. We offer optional cushioned flooring for higher impact play.

Hands On – Themed Play Panels

Add play panels to your walls for some hands-on fun for your visitors. This is a great option for young children and can also be incorporated into your theming.

Hands On – Themed Bead Tables

Include a bead table in your check-in, lobby, or waiting room for some hands-on motor control practice. This is a great option for your youngest guests.

Active Play – Soft Play

Help your youngest guest’s burn off some energy during their visit with soft play characters for climbing and crawling.

Games and activities work great combined into a special room or play area just for kids.

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