Bring the joy of going to a movie to your patients with immersive themed theaters.


Kids and parents alike will appreciate the blend between education and fun when you add a themed theater space to your practice. Theaters not only deliver engaging entertainment but have also been used as a great educational tool by many of our clients. Great for visiting school groups or summer camps, children will enjoy the fun of a themed environment and you will have an eager audience as you teach them about their dental or medical health.

Our theaters are designed to work with a TV or projector screen. They are designed with plenty of seating along with murals and 3D characters to make kids feel like they are part of the adventure. By offering a fun environment, kids are primed for their appointment and ready to learn about their health.

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Backyard themed kids movie theater with sculpted log stools, cozy backyard murals and garden shed tv surround
Fantasy wall mural with various forest animals eating popcorn for a pediatric office theater room
Jungle theater room with ziplining animals, themed wall murals, custom seating and a faux bamboo tv surround
View of entrance to noahs ark themed theater room with sculpted reliefs of fake movie posters and sleeping alligator in ticket booth
Safari tent inspired entrance to a kids play room with sculpted door surround and mural inside a pediatric waiting room
Enclosed theater areas with rock climbing animal sculptures and comfy seating in a kids dental clinic
Bright safari and underwater theater rooms with 3D wall elements, themed murals and custom benching
Clinic waiting area with a jungle tree bench in the center and a mounted tv with bamboo sculpted surround
Faux windows with realistic woodland graphics, cute sculpted beavers and log benches fill an office waiting room
A waiting room adorned with calming nature murals in faux windows, a friendly seated bear character and a smiling moose busting out of the wall
expansive farmland graphic mural surrounds a clinic theater room with hay bale seating and a sitting dog character
Fun and exciting office theater room with wall busting sculpted dinosaurs and a tv with waterfall wall cladding
A movie watching elephant with a lemur sitting on his head is the centerpiece photo op in a safari tent themed waiting and theater area
A separate little kid theater room with sculpted jungle animals and wooden crate seating in a pediatric clinic
An office waiting room is themed like a tropical jungle with bamboo clad benches, trees filled with friendly animals and murals of a rainforest canopy
Dental office waiting room with sunken ship wall cladding, underwater landscape murals and a sculpted ship mast bench
Kids play area with tropical island murals, pirate ship wall cladding and tv surround
Colorful waiting area with zoo habitat wall murals and sculpted log benching
Entrance to a kids theater room modeled like a pirate shipwreck with themed murals and a ship sail projector screen
Rocky badlands with several multicolored dinosaurs and a giant t-rex head busting through ceiling
interior of a fun badlands themed theater space filled with rocky wall cladding custom benches and prehistoric animal sculptures