What Do Successful Child-focused Businesses Have in Common?

Thriving therapy centers don’t just provide spaces that make kids feel comfortable and safe, they also offer environments that engage a child’s imagination!

Improve children’s development, creativity, and overall well-being with engaging activities and decor that are designed to encourage exploration and learning

We happily serve:

Occupational Therapists
Speech Therapists
Physical Therapists
ABA Therapists

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Whatever Your Style, We Have You Covered

Playful or Contemporary, we can create a design style that suits your childcare center.

Whether you want a colorful and bright space or something more calming and subdued, we have a solution for you.

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Discover Big Benefits with a Themed Childcare Environment

We understand – you care deeply about the experience kids have while in the care of your team, while at the same time want to build a thriving business.


Our clients consistently report that it’s a win-win-win:

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Celebrating 15 Years of Amazing Environments

IDS is a go-to partner for creating imaginative environments that delight young children while attracting new customers. We’ve helped child-focused businesses transform their environments, including pediatric dental offices, healthcare practices, early childhood education providers, childcare centers, daycares, and more!

IDS brings decades of experience to every project we work on. Whether it’s a custom-designed environment or a few murals and decor from the pre-designed IDS Essentials™ Collection, you can count on our team to add unique durable and fun solutions to your therapy clinic!

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Mawish Baber Clinic Operations Director

The kids love the theming. One of our groups has started referring to the clinic as “The Fun Center” cementing our desire to make this a place of wellness and development, not a place they are forced to visit.

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Dr. Joe Yale Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

I believe that our theme provides a visual manifestation of how committed we are to giving the best level of customer service and the best experience a child could have. It’s all about the people, the patients, and parents that we take care of.

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Dr. Djuana Cartillar Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

I wanted to bring Disneyland to my patients because unfortunately some of them may never get to see the real thing. When I decided to expand my practice and open a second office, all I had to do was think of the joy that my first office brought to my patients, and I knew I had to work with IDS again.

An Unforgettable Environment Combined with Your Extraordinary Care

If you are interested in creating an amazing environment for your patients, connect with us to learn how we can help. Our team is ready to help! Schedule a quick discovery call today.


After all, you can’t spell KIDS without IDS!

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