IDS Essentials™ Mural Selector

Our IDS Essentials™ Collection includes a range of pre-designed murals ready-to-order for your office transformation.

Our mural selector helps you to:


  • Send a chosen mural section to your Creative Consultant to add to your order.
  • Request a mural mock up of the mural in your space to help you imagine.
Please visit this page on a desktop device to select a mural.
To use the mural selector follow these easy instructions:

To begin, click on a mural to select it from the themes and styles below.


Next, type in your wall size and slide the rectangle to select a mural section.


Lastly, fill out the form and submit your mural section for IDS to review.

Step 1: Choose Your Mural by Theme
Step 2: Choose Your Mural Section Input your wall measurements.
Width: max 1200″ – min 36″
Height: max 120″ – min 36″.
Please no decimals, round up if needed.
Use your mouse to click and drag the slider below to choose the portion of mural that you want for your wall.

Please choose a mural above to continue.

Please reduce the width.

Step 3: Submit Your Mural Section

Want a mural mock up? Be sure to upload a photo of the room you want this mural to appear in.

Add a note to this photo: