Custom Themed Murals

Transform your office with colorful graphics and friendly characters!

Our custom murals are illustrated by our talented team of artists who design around your existing office features. You’ll never have to worry about a lightswitch covering a character’s face! Want to add a personal touch? Include your company logo, add mascots, or create characters that match your theme, and IDS will bring your vision to life.

Looking for a pop of color right away? Our pre-designed murals offer a large selection of illustrated kid-friendly scenes, contemporary designs, and our signature ‘I Spy’ murals.

Digital Wall Murals

An IDS wall mural is the perfect way to liven up any space and make it more family-friendly. In addition to custom-designed graphics, our library of pre-designed murals includes a wide range of themes and styles. Choose from a large selection of illustrated kid-friendly scenes, contemporary designs or one of our signature ‘I Spy’ murals and turn your walls into a creative and engaging distraction for young visitors.

I Spy – Picture Search Game Murals

Add a game of “I Spy With My Little Eye” to any mural. Throughout the mural, our artists will hide various items for children to find. A sign with a list of objects invites children to try and “spy” each item.

Silhouette Murals

Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with murals that complement your interior decor. Silhouette murals are a calming alternative that utilizes a simplistic color palette that appeals to a wide age range.

Contemporary Collection

Evocate nature with a clean and stylish aesthetic, while still bringing your patients the distraction and stress relief of a fully themed office.

With a focus on sophisticated color palettes, minimalistic murals, and geometric 3D sculptures, our contemporary collection is curated to harmonize seamlessly with your space. This affords you the opportunity to theme even the most clean and modern office and appeal to visitors of all ages.

Custom Caricatures for Your Murals

Want to add a personal touch to your mural? Our skilled illustrators can create a likeness of you or your children to add into the artwork.

Door and Window Decals

Murals can go on more than just walls. These designs can be overlaid onto any style of windows and doors and are a great way to keep your theme flowing throughout your office.

Murals for Benches and Cupboards

Add a playful mural to treatment benches and office storage by simply extending your theme to cover furniture as well. These murals help the whole office come together.

Divider Walls

Double-sided divider walls are the perfect product to create separated spaces just for children. They are great for dividing up your open bay treatment area or for blocking off a play corner in your waiting room.

Choose from a variety of great designs. Use the same graphic on both sides or mix and match.

Faux Window Murals

Office theming doesn’t have to stop when you reach a wall. Faux Window Murals give the impression of a themed world outside with friendly characters peering into your office. Frames can be matched to your existing molding to blend in with your current windows and decor.


Get inspired!

This book will get you thinking about all of the possibilities for your future themed office. Book Volume 7 features photos from our most recent office installs, great success stories from our clients, and a look at our new Contemporary Collection.

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