Check out some exciting videos and see our amazing office transformations, great interviews, before and after makeovers, and behind the scenes footage of work in progress.


What People Are Saying About IDS

The staff at IDS loves the 300+ offices we have created, but what do the dentists think of the dream offices we have made for them? Watch to see some of the great feedback we’ve received from our happy clients!

Office Tour & Interview: Dr. Nguyen Ocean Office

Dr. Nguyen reviews his transformation of his dental office done by Imagination Design Studios.

Majestic Ocean Office

Dive down deep and experience beautiful custom murals and friendly sculpted sea creatures in this underwater office!

Yale Pediatric Dentistry – Dental Bayou Theme

Take a tour of Yale Pediatric Dentistry and hear Dr. Yale present his passion for children’s dentistry!

Office Tour & Interview: Stunning Bayou Themed Dental Office

Beautiful bayou views await patients in this Louisiana inspired office! Packed with expressive animal sculptures in a captivating environment, this office is bound to give patients a good reason to keep coming back!

Around the World Office

Patients can see famous places without ever leaving the comfort of their dental chair in this uniquely themed office.

Office Tour: Incredible Custom Storybook Office

The theming in this office is based on a storybook that was created by the dentist. IDS recreated her characters, bringing pages of the storybook to life using colorful murals and 3D sculpture.

Office Tour: Forest Theme National Park

Start your journey in this unique wildlife office inspired by nature photography and the national parks in the area.

Office Tour & Interview: Dental Anime Theme

Witness an epic battle between mecha candy villains versus robo animals in this very first anime themed dentist office.

Office Tour & Interview: Pug Jungle Theme

Grab a vine and swing into this jungle-themed dental office!

Office Tour & Interview: Pug Underwater Theme

Take an unforgettable deep sea adventure with a cute dog mascot!

Office Tour & Interview: Pug Beach Theme

Surf into this fabulous beach-themed pediatric dental office!

Office Tour & Interview: Dental Spaceship Theme

Stepping into Super Smiles Pediatric & Family Dentistry​ takes you to an off-world adventure

Office Tour & Interview: 1900s Train

Get a video tour of a train themed office, complete with working smoke stack!

Office Tour: Underwater Pediatrician’s Office

Come for a swim with us as we tour this magical underwater themed office!

Tooth Bug Jungle Office

Landmark characters on the roof of this dental practice attract lots of new patients!

Jungle and Sports Themes Collide

Watch how we created a custom theme that combines jungle animals and this dental office’s favorite sports team!

Before and After Jungle Office

Watch an amazing transformation as IDS works with this dental office to give them an incredible theme!

Spinning Coral Tower

IDS built an amazing animated coral tower for this dental office. Watch the video to see the tower in action, and see what happens after dark!

Space Themed Office

A children’s dental office themed by IDS with aliens from outer space!


IDS Hardcoat Durability Test

Our signature hardcoat may be hard, but theming with IDS is an easy choice!

Dog Days at Imagination Design Studios!

See what a typical day for our Sculptors, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Painters and Dogs is like at IDS.

Building a Giant Octopus Landmark

Check out this video to see how Imagination Design Studios creates their incredible exterior landmarks!

Another Great Day at Imagination Design Studios!

IDS will take care of your project from start to finish. Your build process is handled by our experienced project managers, with each stage carried out by skilled craftspeople.

Effective Marketing Tips for Your Medical Office

Theming is effective marketing. We will make your office the kind of place parents talk about – from social media shares to great Google reviews, word-of-mouth marketing will work to increase your business.

A Wonderful Day at Imagination Design Studios

When your project begins with Imagination Design Studios, you are included in the process every step of the way. From rough sketches to finished sculptures, you will be presented with several stages of approvals.

How to Build an Elephant

Have you ever wondered how to build a larger-than-life elephant like IDS? Learn how, and find out more about our company in this fun video!

A Spooky Day at Imagination Design Studios

IDS has a reputation for producing high-quality products, well we can make some pretty cool Halloween costumes too!

A Different Day at IDS – Sewing Masks

While working hard on current projects, a few of our multi-talented staff members shared their sewing gifts to create fabric face masks to donate to local businesses.

A Different Day at IDS – Printing Faceshields

We are fortunate enough to have the proper machinery along with an extraordinarily multi-talented team, so we decided to 3D print face shields.

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