Make brushing fun with some smiling friends!


Learning to brush is fun with our themed brushing stations. You can choose from our existing brushing mirrors and Express Wall Murals or you can have us create a custom brushing station just for you. Add a Brushing Buddy such as a cute parrot or fish holding a toothbrush for some extra fun.

At IDS we know cleanliness in the workplace is important. This is why all of our 3D theming is protectively coated to keep characters bright and colorful after countless washes.

Our printed murals are protected with laminate that is easy to wipe clean and won't fade or wear like painted murals.

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Bright tropical island themed pediatric dentistry with friendly animal shaped sculpted brushing mirrors
Rainforest wall mural with waterfalls and wall mounted smiling jungle animal brushing mirrors for dentistry brushing station
Tropical and underwater themed brushing stations with happy crocodile tiger and fish modeled mirrors at pediatric dental practices
Great white and hammer head shark inspired brushing mirrors in undersea coral reef themed dental clinic
Side by side of world travel and space themed dental centers featuring brushing stations with airplane window and cute purple alien head brushing mirrors
Pediatric treatment open bay with African savannah wall murals and excited tiger shaped wall mirror for kids brushing station
Close up of friendly pink snake character attached to vine holding toothbrush and toothpaste as part of brushing station décor in childrens dentistry
Blue bearded pirate captain and happy smiling shark wall mounted mirrors in pacific island themed brushing area for pediatric medical practice
Fantasy castle wall cladding surrounding funny green troll and cute blue dragon shaped brushing mirrors
Dental practice brushing area with unique fantasy jungle animal wall mounted brushing mirrors
Lion and boar animal sculpted mirrors with magical fairy forest surrounding murals
Jungle themed treatment area with enthusiastic tiger and boar character brushing mirrors
Brushing station with friendly smiling cow and goat barnyard animal wall mounted mirrors
Sculpted beaver and bear brushing mirrors for a calming forest themed pediatric dentistry
Bayou and tropical island brushing stations with themed character mirrors for a kids clinic
Diving hippo next to two ocean shark modeled brushing mirrors for a jungle and sea decorated pediatric dental office
Kid friendly brushing station lined with rainforest waterfall murals and grinning animal mirrors
Close up of cute tropical bird and fish holding toothbrushes as part of detailed themed brushing stations
Planet shaped brushing mirrors with vibrant painted aliens in UFOs flying overhead brushing their teeth
Calming backyard themed pediatric office with realistic tree sculpture and picket fence brushing mirrors next to dental treatment area
Brushing station decorated to look like waterfall, vibrant cabinet and wall murals with fun animal characters hanging around in treatment bay