Kids Play Rooms and Activities

Whether it’s the babysitting service at a family resort or a kid-centric play area in a shopping center, IDS can help you create a memorable space that is equal parts fun and functional. Using elements such as mascot characters, scavenger hunt wall murals, and touch-free interactive gaming, you can welcome families into a space they’ll love while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Kids Game Rooms and Entrance Decor

Excited children and video games can be quite noisy. If you want to dedicate quiet area in your space, a separate games area for children is the perfect solution and the main focus of IDS Spaces™. Theme the doorway or the entire room to create a play area especially for kids.

Play Structures

Every kid loves a good fort or playhouse. These themed play structures and divider walls create an area just for kids. A great example of how IDS Spaces™ encourages play while leaving the rest of the check-in, lobby, or waiting room area free for parents and adults to relax in.

Themed Slides

Encourage active play in the children who visit your play areas. Themed slides are a sturdy and safe way for kids to burn off energy by climbing and playing.

Fill your play area with fun games and activities like gaming tablets, bead tables, soft play, and more!

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