IDS Essentials™ Collection

Want to add a friendly face to your office right away? Take a look at our Check-in Visitor and Waiting Room Guest photo op characters in our collection of pre-designed products.

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Interior Photo Op Benches & Features

Your social media marketing will be supercharged after adding a ‘share-worthy’ photo op to your location. Kids will love having their pictures taken with charming characters, and parents will love sharing adorable photos of their kids online. When the buzz online is coming from parents, it will be received as more genuine and will do more for referrals than your content or paid ads ever could! Include a sign or logo with your photo op, so it will be easy to identify your brand.


Looking for a quick photo op solution? We also have a selection of pre-designed Waiting Room Guests and Check-In Visitors in the IDS Essentials™ Collection.

Exterior Photo Op Benches & Features

Our exterior photo opportunities are painted with high-quality exterior paint that resists damage from the sun and elements, ensuring your guests will get great pictures for years to come.

Themed photo opportunities range from vehicles kids can sit in, to a character on a bench. Add your characters to stone, metal, or wood benches for a cohesive theme.

Friendly photo op characters are available in the IDS Essentials™ Collection.

Explore IDS Essentials™

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