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Themed benches by IDS mix fun with function by providing necessary seating while adding some adventure to your waiting area. Round bench seats can feature decorative center columns that add some kid-friendly theming, without taking up valuable floor space. We can incorporate one of our friendly characters into a bench seat for a great photo opportunity! At IDS we use only materials that stand up to the everyday use of a busy office, including comfortable but strong healthcare grade vinyl cushions that are easy to clean.

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Giant sculpted trees including a bear character and treehouse fitted with circular benches
seating for a pediatric waiting rooms of a sculpted lighthouse and a yellow submarine on top of a coral reef
a custom bench with rotted wood detailing in a fun underwater themed dental clinic
Underwater themed seating with embedded sculpted coral and sea creatures
Purple waiting room seating with faux metal decals and cladding for a cool space station themed waiting room
Custom sculpted seating made to look like hay bales for a farm themed pediatric dental office
Blue elephant photo op sitting on crate like themed benches for a pediatric office
Corner seating sculpted like a sunken pirate ship with octopus photo op for a kids dentistry
Seating for a clinical waiting room including built in game tablets and waterfall inspired cladding
Seating for office waiting area modeled like colorful crates with a sculpted  purple hippo photo op
Custom made benches themed like wooden beach docks with nested pelicans and ocean wall murals for a pediatric office
Dental practice seating with rocky stone wall cladding and a whimsical fantasy theme
Family sitting on custom benches next to giant elephant character in family medical clinic
Dental practice waiting room with seating made to look like a London bus stop with a large double Decker bus
Shark character with custom surfboard seating and built in gaming
Giant green sculpted dinosaur with brown foam seating for a pediatric office theater room
Dentist waiting room featuring large sculpted waterfall centerpiece with rock clad benches and sculpted jungle animals
Circular bench cladding of two burrowing groundhogs beneath a sculpted tree centerpiece for a patient waiting room
Round benches made to look like planets with rocket ship sculptures launching in their centers
Custom circular benches with sculpted dentist caricatures in office waiting area
Pediatric clinic play and wait room with multiple themed tree and log benches
Silly gorilla character holding sculpted log benches in jungle themed pediatrician office
Baby jaguar peeking out of rainforest tree with attached seating for immersive dental office
Flat bench with faux bamboo cladding and rock pillars for a family dentistry
Close up of sculpted log bench with foam seating in kids dentistry clinic
Waiting area with safari theming and custom decorated seating
Squirrel hiding inside themed tree seating for a medical clinic wait room
Stool and bench with bamboo themed detailing in a play area for pediatric office
Realistically sculpted wood chairs and bench seating for a kid friendly dental practice


Stools can be completely customized and sized for children or adults. Our smaller stools are made of healthcare grade vinyl which has been tested with 300,000 double rub counts.

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Multicolored smiling alien head stools close up and grouped with space themed office décor
Log benches with a bear character photo op and sculpted log stools in a forest themed office
Worm character stools with heads sticking out of ground in a garden themed play area
Wooden pier pillar sculpted stools with barnacle and shell detailing
Pediatric office seating made like colorful forest mushrooms in a pediatric clinic
Vibrant blue and orange sand bucket stools in a beach themed dental practice for children


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This book will get you thinking about all of the possibilities for your future themed office. Book Volume 7 features photos from our most recent office installs, great success stories from our clients, and a look at our new Contemporary Collection.