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Wall Murals

Add color and adventure to your walls with our kid-approved murals. Filled with vibrant landscapes, playful characters, and layered with jokes to help reduce anxiety in your patients before and during their appointment.

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Reception Desks

With a welcoming themed reception desk, patients will be put at ease right from the start of their appointment. Parents will have a positive first impression of your office and kids will think they’ve just entered a theme park.

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Stools & Benches

You already know you’ll need seating in your office, so why not add some stylish, yet durable, themed seating to your waiting room or treatment areas with custom benches and stools.

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Video Games

Help patients pass the time and decrease appointment anxiety jitters with fun tech. Transform your waiting room with a dedicated play area featuring gaming tablets, project screens, and more.

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Hands-on Activities

Help children burn off some energy before an appointment with engaging activities. Create a dedicated paly area featuring hands-on playboards, slides, bead tables, and educational stations.

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Play Areas & Kids Clubs

Create a memorable space that is equal parts fun and functional. Create a private room or area just for kids with mascot characters, scavenger hunt wall murals, and interactive gaming.

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Photo Opportunities

Improve your social media marketing game with a unique character to serve as the mascot of your office. Parents will be delighted to share photos of their kids posing with these smiling characters after a successful appointment.

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Movie Theaters

Create a unique viewing space kids will love every time they visit. Whether you’re showing educational films or a fun cartoon, patients will feel relaxed and engaged for their appointments.

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Brushing Stations

Make brushing teeth an exciting activity with these family friendly mirrors. These grinning animal characters will encourage young ones to learn to brush their pearly whites.

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Education Stations

Engage kids in the learning process with hands-on tooth models that teach them how to brush and floss, show them how gross cavities are and what a healthy tooth looks like.

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Signage & Wayfinding

2D & 3D letters, characters, and backgrounds bring an extra dimension to your signage. Guide guests through your physical environment and enhance their experience of your space with interior and exterior signs.

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Landmark Characters

Stand out in your community by theming the exterior of your building. Whether you’re adding an octopus to your roof or an elephant busting out of your walls, your business will benefit from the extra attention.

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Traveling Billboards

Advertise your business every time you hit the road with a themed vinyl car wrap. You can go the extra mile to stand out by adding 3D themed elements to the top of your vehicle as well.

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Hand-crafted Child-friendly Decor

Imagination Design Studios (formerly Imagination Dental Solutions) creates custom themed environments especially for businesses that cater to children and their families. We can create one-of-a-kind interior design and decor for you to theme your entire building inside and out.

Regardless of the size of your project, we work with you to develop an environment that your young patients will love.

While we’ve provided plenty of photos of previous projects of themed dental, medical, and childcare environments, your imagination is the limit! Gather up your brilliant ideas and discover what IDS can do for you.

Contact us today with any questions regarding custom theming or to discuss your ideas for a new office design! Consultations are always free.

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