Space Themed Dental Office

Space Base Theming in Reception and Play Area

Blast off to an exciting space themed dental office, the second space themed office for this client.

You’ll find extraterrestrial friends of all kinds throughout this sleek and silver reception area, starting with an alien photo op. Visitors young and old can step up and take a fun photo as a memento of their visit. Steps and handles on the back of the photo op help younger patients steady themselves for their close up.


The reception desk has a futuristic design with 3D details befitting a spaceship command center. The flying saucer above the desk is outfitted with color-changing LED track lighting that adds to the off-world feel. There is also an LED programmable text sign above the door welcoming children inside.

A gaming area made to look like a rocket launch pad with lights, rocket ship gaming units, and hands-on wall games will help keep kids entertained and worry-free as they wait for their appointment. It’s not possible for kids to be anxious with all the fun distractions around.

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This is our third IDS themed office. We found that theming has been instrumental in our success and we’re definitely planning on opening multiple offices and using theming for all of them. We found that by making the investment that it sets us apart, especially in pediatrics.

Hands down IDS is an incredible company. Reliable, super super organized, incredibly creative. They can handle any need you can possibly want. I have always been amazed how they could be out of country and be able to coordinate this job to such perfection. They are always seamless.

– Scott Savel

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