Showing off your office to people passing by is a great way to draw in new patients. The large windows present a full view of the spaceship play area inside. It also creates a great backdrop for the bench photo op. LED chase lights create a mesmerizing ambient glow, flashing from red to blue to green.

Look up and find twinkling fiber optic stars forming actual constellations, planets painted with blacklight reactive neon paint and a space shuttle replica that functions as a lamp above the reception desk. All these elements create a brilliant reception area. The starry sky was created with fiber optic strands. A light shines through a rotating disk (which blocks or amplifies the light) which then continues through the fiber optic strands creating a twinkling night sky.

This games room is more likely to be found in a science center, featuring a unique spaceship design and special science-themed activities. An interactive light game creates a cool futuristic centerpiece as well as great entertainment for kids who must break the beams of colored light. Younger children can crawl below to find hands-on games and special mirrors featuring an astronaut and alien graphic.

The amazing control panel, covered in buttons, switches, toggles and two gaming iPads, simulates a rocket launch. Interacting with the panel activates authentic voice commands from NASA indicating airlocks being engaged, the count down to launch, and the final blast off. A ground shaking subwoofer makes the blast off a truly immersive experience.

When patients are called to the treatment bay, they are led through a custom-designed hallway. Funky backlit acrylic panels featuring a honeycomb core light the way down the hall. Something as simple as an automatic door, clad to look like an airlock, can create a feeling of excitement and wonder in children as they go for treatment. Once the door opens, impressive glowing red rocket boosters loom above the treatment rooms.

A Mars Rover photo op at the end of the treatment area is a perfect place for kids to show off their shiny, polished smiles. A touchscreen in the rover controls a camera mounted on the opposite wall making sure patients get the perfect photos every time.




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