Superhero Space Fantasyland Office

Space exploration and fantasy worlds collide in the two themes created for this practice shared between a pediatric dentist and an orthodontist.

Young visitors can have their picture taken at a photo booth shaped like a giant mushroom. It has a built-in touchscreen for selecting options, a camera to take the picture, and an instant printer so patients can take their photo home with them.

This office encourages good oral hygiene through stories that feature a villain named Cavitar who loves sticky bad treats.

"Cavitar’s Corner" is a game room themed with all kinds of candy and has built-in video game stations and a costume closet.

On the space themed orthodontist side of the office, a video game room looks like the inside of a ship fit for visiting the moon. Large rockets hover above chairs in the treatment area and a brushing station features signage that is out of this world.