IDS Environments™

Our fully themed, custom environments are perfect for outfitting entire child-centric businesses. We work with you to create a design that will help your unique experience shine, inside and out, through exterior branding pieces such as statues or signage, as well as interior design to create an immersive experience for the whole space.

Excite children, stand out to parents, and create a one-of-a-kind experience they can’t help but tell people about.

Who are IDS Environments™ for?

  • Pediatric Dental Practices
  • Children’s Medical Clinics
  • Pediatric Therapy Facilities
  • Childcare Centers
  • Schools & Early Education Centers
  • Any Child-Centric Business

IDS Spaces™

Themed spaces add an engaging area to any family-friendly business. Using a creative mixture of custom objects and fixtures, captivating murals, and a variety of engaging elements we create a space or play area that’s guaranteed to delight your young customers.

Become the first choice for parents and kids, create a space for every generation to enjoy, and take your customer experience to the next level.

Who are IDS Spaces™ for?

  • Family Dental Practices
  • Family Medical Clinics
  • Commercial Centers & Malls
  • Airports
  • Schools and After School Care
  • Any Child-Centric Business

IDS Essentials™

Individually themed elements provide a pop of creativity to all types of businesses. Mix and match multiple themes or create a statement in your space with a one-of-a-kind piece from the IDS Essentials™ collection.

Add an engaging element to your decor, refresh your family-friendly business on a budget, and stand out to your customers.

Who are IDS Essentials™ for?

  • Family-Friendly Businesses
  • Facilities with Waiting Rooms
  • Locations with Playrooms
  • Architects & Designers

Are you an architect or designer looking for just the right partner for your next project? Explore our Architect & Designer page to learn more.


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