What is Theming?

Theming is the transformation of a mundane space into a magical, kid-friendly environment through the use of playful murals, engaging 3D decor, and interactive gaming.


3 Ways to Add Magic to Your Office

IDS Environments™

Our fully themed, custom environments are perfect for outfitting entire businesses, inside and out. Put kids at ease, stand out to parents, and create a unique experience they can’t help but share with friends.


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IDS Spaces™

Themed spaces add an engaging area to any family-friendly business. Keep kids entertained and relaxed, help parents feel comfortable bringing their children to you, and create a space that engages the whole family.


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IDS Essentials™

Individually themed elements provide a pop of creativity to all types of businesses. Mix and match multiple themes or create a statement in your office with one of a kind piece from the IDS Essentials™ Collection.


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See more of our magical theming and get inspired! This look book will get you thinking about all of the possibilities for your future themed office. The latest volume features photos from our most recent office installs and great success stories from our clients.


3 Benefits of Themed Decor


Children’s anxiety is reduced with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


Your marketing efforts will improve with eye-catching themed decor.


You will find it easier to attract and retain staff with a fun environment.

What IDS Clients Are Saying About Theming

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Dr. Jed Snatic Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

After adding the train play area to our waiting room, in one year we’ve gone from a startup, to full-on busy. I am sure we’ll have too many patients within 2 to 3 years.

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Dr. Jenni Burkitt Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

When we first moved in, I had a goal of achieving $1.2m in revenue and we met that. This year, we are on target to achieve $2m in revenue and I credit the theming with bringing in that additional $800,000.

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Dr. Michael Lateiner Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

Patients come into the office and are immediately comfortable and the parents can’t stop taking pictures. They made my office the talk of the town!!!

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Dr. Tonya Triplett Dentist, Owner of 3 Themed Offices

Everyone loves the way it makes them feel when they visit. That alone has justified the investment we made.

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Dr. Joe Yale Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

I believe that our theme provides a visual manifestation of how committed we are to giving the best level of customer service and the best experience a child could have. It’s all about the people, the patients, and parents that we take care of.

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Dr. Joe Nguyen Dentist, Owner of 3 Themed Offices

Investing in an awesome office is far better than any advertising I could purchase. It’s a really safe investment - you’ll get your return. Don’t hesitate, it’s worth every penny.

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Dr. Bill Martin Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

I've been in practice for 40 years and I used to come into work through the back door and now I come in through the front door because it makes me happy for the rest of the day.

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Dr. Djuana Cartillar Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

I wanted to bring Disneyland to my patients because unfortunately some of them may never get to see the real thing. When I decided to expand my practice and open a second office, all I had to do was think of the joy that my first office brought to my patients, and I knew I had to work with IDS again.

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Dr. Derek Thompson Dentist, Owner of 7 Themed Offices

When we opened after installing the octopus on our roof we were seeing up to 59 new patients a day.

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