Everglades Dental Office

A Relaxing Everglades Sunset in This Dental Clinic

For this pediatric office’s second theming phase, the doctor wanted to elevate his existing decor with the addition of more murals and a few waiting room touches. Calming sunset scenes of the nearby everglades were added, while some of the existing sculptures and 3D elements were rearranged to help give the clinic a completely new look.

Visitors are immediately welcomed by a host of fun characters in the everglade twilight. The reception desk features an otter and its turtle friends swimming alongside a school of fish beneath the waterline. Hanging out on a branch, kids can catch a baby otter and its mama holding onto a jar of fireflies. A set of faux windows run along the wall adjacent to the front desk, adding some color without the need for a full mural.

For the waiting area, an impressive half-oval bench with a sculpted underwater base, a row of cattail reliefs, and a blue treehouse makes for an eye-catching and entertaining piece of seating while patients relax before appointments.

Inside the treatment bays, a themed brushing station complete with murals and a branch with more mischievous critters stands out. Here, our client was excited to incorporate a personal touch into the murals by including their own pets, while the open bay features a brilliant wall-to-wall mural for patients to explore while they receive care.

Outside, the office’s mascots can be seen busting through the front of the clinic, serving as a landmark and catching the attention of any passersby. A photo op bench with the practice’s mascots sits outside the office as a great way for patients to remember their visits.

This dentist’s sister owns this amazing manatee themed orthodontic office.

I’ve been in practice for 30 years and I used to come into work through the back door. Now I come in through the front door because it makes me happy for the rest of the day.

Dr. Bill Martin

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