Marine and Jungle Themed Dental Office

Jungle and Marine Themes Collide in This Dental Office

A comical and unique reception desk adds humour to the bright interior design of this waiting area while animals hang from the ceiling and bring a sense of fun throughout the office.

Marine life and land animals alike use teamwork to push for healthy smiles in an intense competition that will amuse visitors of any age. Sculpted to the finest detail, muscles are tense and lips are pursed on these fantastic characters. The colorful animals match the vibe of the bright colors in the office. With so many animals, there will always be something new to notice in this fun packed reception desk!

Suspended above the desk on a colorful tentacle is a unique business card holder in the form of a very chill turtle. Does he know about the epic battle going on below him?

Carved in 3D relief, this desk doesn’t take up any valuable floor space, and there are no components that kids can grab, climb onto or damage.

The fun doesn’t stop in the waiting area. An elephant parachutes down from the ceiling with a welcome sign, and a lost gorilla hangs from another parachute. Children will find a group of helmet-wearing, zip lining animals guiding them into the treatment rooms. Children will be looking for the next animal around every corner!

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Elizabeth and the IDS Team simply delivered for our office!!! We had a great experience and I have used them on multiple occasions to outfit my office. One of the most impressive things I am pleased with is their customer service.

– Dr. Sean Vostatek

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