Underwater Themed Dental Office

Pug-Tastic Undersea Scuba Adventure Dental Office

What do you get when you take one of the cutest dogs and send him on a deep sea adventure? You get this colorful themed pediatric dental office!

This playful design incorporated a school of pugs learning to swim in 2D and 3D, fun dental fact bubbles throughout the murals, an I Spy picture find mural, and a bright 3D coral reef reception area.

A group of rolly polly pugs scuba dive in a photo op mural by the front desk, which includes the office’s logo.



More pugs can be found in the murals in the treatment areas. Cutline murals on the doors bring the themed to every surface, but allowing visibility.

The exterior murals are extremely effective in this Pacific Northwest office to grab attention from passers-by, especially on those grey overcast days.

This practice has three locations so linking them with a common mascot, the adorable pug, was a fantastic way to accomplish brand awareness and continuity. The dentist also has a jungle themed office and a beach themed office.

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Upon theming our office with IDS we realized the office atmosphere had changed a lot in terms of our patients. When they come into the office they were really amazed as to how the atmosphere had made it really friendly. By doing the theming from IDS we realized that it changed their attitude and their perception of what they see and feel when they come to a dental office.

– Dr. Karim Kanani
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