Jungle Themed Dental Office

Whimsical Elephant Fantasy Children’s Dental Office

Look up, way up in reception; you can’t miss the hilarious elephant careening down with his tiny propeller to welcome patients. His aviator goggles just add to the humorous scene that is unfolding above your head. The extra details like the colorful parachutes and the toothbrush in his trunk give patients so much to look at while they wait.

If that isn’t enough, the fun continues in a themed play area where you’ll likely hear the giggles of children as they shoot down the slide from inside a waterfall. The waterfall is topped with a frantic elephant in a tiny boat trying to traverse the rapids while a pig and squirrel fly across the sky on a zip line without a care in the world.

Behind the slide is a colorful corner decorated with custom wall murals, offering different video and hands-on games.

In the treatment room, a large hollow tree stands in the center themed with bright colors and the same whimsical style as the rest of the dental office.

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