Say Cheese! Playful Photo Op Inspiration

The ultimate investment in both marketing and office appeal, a photo op is the perfect way to make a huge impact in your community awareness.

Unique and fun, a photo op combines form and function by injecting instant playfulness into your space while also working 24/7 to market your brand. But what type works best for your practice? And what more can you do with your photo op once you have it? We’ll explore the answers to these questions and more by examining one of IDS’s favorite additions to any office.

But first and most importantly…

What is a photo op?

A photo op is anything that is eye-catching and lends itself to selfies and sharing with friends or family. At IDS, a photo op is a sculpture or wall mural that is designed to encourage photos. Think posing animals, hole cutouts for guests to put their faces through, or murals with signage that advertise a clinic name or logo. 

Why add a photo op to your office decor?

The first and most obvious reason is the undeniable fun that a photo op brings to an office. If you want your practice to be known for its friendly atmosphere, nothing says ‘playful’ quite like a smiling turtle greeting guests as they approach your front door.

Second, the marketing value found in photo ops is second to none.

Picture this: A young child just finished she dental checkup, and she has no cavities! Smiling and excited, her mom asks to get a picture of her with the surfboarding pug photo op in the reception area. The pug is holding a sign with your practice logo on it – and when that mom proudly posts the picture of her happy daughter all over social media, her network of parents take note.

The stress of doctor or dentist appointments is top of mind for all parents, and suddenly they see a solution posted by their trusted friend or family member. Your brand is instantly catapulted in front of an entire audience of potential patients, and they already have the ultimate stamp of approval. A photo of a smiling child post-checkup shared to a network of other parents is the holy grail of social media marketing.

This is the true value of your photo op in action. They are the perfect marketing employee – they never stop working for you, and they work for free!

There’s no one way to do a photo op, so we’ll explore everything from giant sculptures to friendly cartoon animals that’ll have parents begging their kids for just one more picture. Our photo ops are specifically designed to be irresistibly fun to kids, and equally irresistible to parents who can’t wait to snap a photo and share it with the family.


Bench Photo Ops

Casual and comfortable, bench photo ops are a great way to really get your patients shoulder to shoulder with your office mascot.

They can be placed indoors or outdoors, and are a great option for guests with mobility challenges who may not be able to pose beside a free-standing sculpture. Put your arm around a friendly fox and her baby, or read along with a safari flamingo.

“Sit-in” Photo Ops

Photo ops don’t always have to be animals or mascots that you stand with – they can also be interactive play pieces!

“Sit-in” photo ops are created specifically for kids to… you guessed it! Sit inside! Children won’t be able to resist crawling in the driver’s seat of a jeep mid-safari expedition or explore a colorful fair-ground snack stand. These photo ops play right into the imagination of a young child and make both great pictures and play places to pass the time pre-appointment.

Large Scale Photo Ops

Patients will say OMG the moment they see your gigantic (and very photogenic) sculpture!

These are the photo ops that patients and even passersby won’t be able to resist posting on social media. The playfulness is simply unforgettable, and the gargantuan size will be easily communicated through photographs with a smiling child standing beside it for comparison.

Posing Photo Ops

These interactive photo ops bring patients right into the action with immersive environments parents and kids can’t resist!

These sculptures feel more like part of a theme park than a photo feature in a dental office – and what a great shot for the social media feed!

Face Cut-out Photo Ops

Another great and playful photo op option to bring your patients on board with your branding is head hole sculptures or wall cutouts.

Any child (or parent) can proudly announce what an amazing experience they had at your practice while also creating a hilarious memory. Who would’ve thought you could have so much fun at the dentist?

Make the Most of Your Photo Op

So, you’ve got the photo op installed. People are loving it and it’s brought new life into your practice. How do you take advantage of it? The possibilities are endless, but here are our top 3 ideas.

1. Create a social media campaign with prizes. For example, when people take photos with your photo op and tag you on the social media channel of your choice, a random winner is chosen and given a free checkup, or perhaps another gift. It’s a free promo all over social media!

2. Include signage with different phrases that suit your practice. Allow kids to proudly advertise Cavity-Free Today!, Had a Great Appointment!, or I was Brave Today!.

For an optometry office, try a sign that says New Glasses Day! or My First Pair of Glasses!.

If you own a medical clinic try, I Was Vaccinated Today!, I Got a Shot Today!, or I’m Feeling Better! for children to pose with.

3. Do cross-promotion with other local businesses. Bring the local health food store staff or neighboring orthodontist in to take photos with your sculpture and create a long-lasting connection in your community.

Want some tips on the best ways to utilize a photo op? Check out 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Office Photo Op

For more inspiring photos of photos ops in dental and medical offices, check out Themed Photo Opportunities

Ready to get a photo op of your own? Connect with one of our amazing Creative Consultants today to learn how you can get your own unforgettable sculpture!

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