Here, There, and Everywhere! “Parketing” Tips for Your Vehicle

This guide will review our top tips to maximize your vehicle wrapping so you can take your practice on the road in style!

Studies from 2016 reported that approximately 15.9 million Canadians[1] and 128 million people in the United States[2] commuted daily to work in a personally owned vehicle. According to the AAA, it is estimated that one car advertisement can reach up to 70,000 impressions a day[3]. Wow! With those kinds of numbers and a sizable portion of those commuters spending an hour or more in their car, marketing on the road might just be your best chance at reaching a large audience without spending exorbitant amounts of money on marketing.

But how do you best catch the eye of the average driver? What info do you want to get across to a potential patient in that brief moment? How do you communicate that info effectively when you only have a captive audience for mere seconds?

Be Clear and Concise with Your Contact Info

Choosing what info you want to get across in that short time is pivotal. Make sure your logo, phone number, and URL are visible to drivers on all sides so no matter where in traffic you are drivers know where to reach you.

Stand Out from the Crowd (and Traffic)

While there’s nothing wrong with a simple sticker printed of your logo and stuck on your rear-view window, there’s a high chance you may drive past a potential patient before they have time to notice it. Simple stickers are as forgettable as they are understated.

To really maximize the potential effectiveness of vehicle wrapping, you need to think bold! Bright colors from sunroof to wheel well, roof-mounted sculptures, and both URL and phone contact methods all contribute to a far more memorable traveling billboard experience. With such a small window of impact, you gotta go all the way!

Tell a Story with Your Design

You may only have a few seconds in the eyes of a fellow driver unless you’re stuck in a traffic jam, so you want to get noticed and be memorable.

Utilize bold colors and whimsical characters that set a scene. Include a silly joke to really stand out, like this poor octopus and his frightened crab friend, trying to drive with a broken steering wheel.

Match Your Vehicle to Your Office Theme

We might be biased, but when you incorporate your practice theme into your wrapped vehicle, it’s a home run – especially if you have external decor already!

If your community is already driving by the curious safari-themed building everyday, when they see a smaller version cruising down the highway, they know exactly where you’re going. It might even remind them that oh yeah, they’ve been wanting to book an appointment for a while!

Take advantage of what you already have and continue to encourage brand awareness by theming your vehicles with just a taste of what they’ll see if they visit in person.

Take it to Trade Shows and School Events

Use your vehicle to grab attention at events. Community fairs and markets are a great place to set up a booth and offer advice for parents or brushing demonstrations for kids. Your vehicle can be used as an eye-catching sign or as a fun photo op for families to draw them to your booth.

Drive it in Local Parades

A colorful and fun vehicle is an instant parade float.

Blast some tunes on your radio, find some volunteers to wave enthusiastically from the windows, and have branded toothbrushes or goodie bags to hand out to the crowds as you pass by.

Finally, Don’t be Afraid to Park

If you have a quick commute to and from the office or put your gorgeously wrapped vehicle in a covered garage, you may not be utilizing your traveling billboard to its full potential!

We highly recommend choosing a populous community or main city road to park your vehicle during the day. Think of it like a bus bench or lawn sign – but you don’t have to pay for the space!

If your city releases census data, try and find communities with your target demographic to park your car. Not only is it a constant reminder of your practice, but it also reminds them that you’re local and trustworthy.

Bonus items to add include brochure holders which are cheap, easy, and can hang out your windows with info for curious passersby to take.

Pro tip: Run social media contests around your vehicle. Park your traveling billboard, take a photo, and ask people to guess where you are for a chance to win a prize and drum up more social media engagement, likes, and shares!

Want to see more examples of IDS designed car wraps? Check them out here!

If you’re ready to get your vehicle decked out for your practice, reach out to one of our Creative Consultants today! Let’s get this show on the road.




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