8 Color Schemes and What They Mean for Your Office Vibe

When designing your dream office, there is nothing more important than attention to detail. From the light fixtures to the baseboards, no feature is too small. But what about your color choice? How impactful is color? Simple answer? Very!

When you consider the volume of dental and medical office color schemes available to choose from, color just might turn out to be the most important and difficult choice you make.

Before you head to the hardware store to gather paint swatches, read over our quick how-to guide and decide just what kind of vibe you want your patients to feel when they come in for an appointment. Think of it like hacking the brain with color!


 It might seem irrelevant to put so much energy into color choice, especially after hours of looking at color pallets – chartreuse starts to look like seafoam. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and make snap decisions, but don’t underestimate the psychological impact of color!

  • Color taps into emotion.
  • Color influences behavior and mood.
  • Color can influence efficiency.
  • Color can help reduce fatigue.
  • Color is visually stimulating.

Your team and patients might not have a verbal reaction to your color choice, but it has a subtle effect that will likely be noticeable in their subconscious mood from the moment they walk in your office.


Color scheming isn’t about playing favorites. Red might be your favorite color, but does it make sense for your space? The design decision process requires being more intuitive and less worried about personal preference. What do you want your patients to feel when they arrive to your office? Relaxed? Excited? Energized? You choose!

Pro Tip: Be mindful about it.

Color mindfulness means understanding there’s an entire psychology (yes, there really is) behind choosing the right hue. To become more fluent in color mindfulness, here are eight popular color schemes and what they communicate to your patients.


These eight color profiles provide an overview of popular colors and their unique “personalities”. Keep in mind that certain tones and hues can be adapted and mixed to create the exact vibe you’re going for, but on their own, each color has its own distinct power.

1.  Blue

Think caaaaalm and tranquility. Blue ranks high in popularity on the color grid due to its versatility and vast array of beautiful shades. It’s an easy choice for any office space. We feel relaxed just thinking about it!

A blue environment is soothing and creates a feeling of serenity and peace. It’s also common to experience a lowering of blood pressure when looking at the color blue– and in tough or scary situations especially for kids and nervous parents, lower blood pressure is a huge bonus. It’s no wonder our underwater themed spaces are so popular Certain tones of blue, such as navy or royal blue can also promote tradition, loyalty, and reliability.

2. Brown

Looking for an earthy, inviting vibe? Go with shades of brown! A brown themed color scheme has a natural, cozy feeling that helps patients slow down and relax.

Deeper, richer browns can also create feelings of togetherness and intimacy. An expert tip when working with browns is not to underestimate its ability as a base color. Brown tones love to blend in with other textures or colors, so it’s easy to mix and match with alternative designs you like. Brown tones are great for creating cozy woodland themed spaces.

3. Gray

While it’s easy to see gray as a dull or overly serious color, its superpower is as a perfect wash of relaxation. Like blue, grey has a calming presence known to lower blood pressure and create an environment of serenity that your patients will love.

In addition, grey is a perfect neutral color. It acts as a great background color or can be used as an accent to brighten more vibrant hues around it. A grey treatment room with a brightly colored chair can look very sleek and modern.

4. Green

We’re green with envy if you choose a green themed office! Green is another popular choice that inspires vitality and makes your patients feel more in tune with nature. It’s a great stress-relieving color, and any and all shades will always feel fresh and clean.

Lush, light tones can encourage feelings of playfulness and vitality, while richer hues feel restful and safe.

Green doesn’t just have to be a paint or chair color, it can be found in plants and scenery. Luscious jungle scenes come to life with green plants and trees.

5. Orange

Orange is a loud and excitable color, so use it with caution! Stimulating and bright, this summery hue encourages action. This unbeatable energy often works better as an entryway or transitional color to bring the mood up when first entering the office, but not always the best choice throughout. It works great as an accent color in safari themed spaces for kids.

6. Yellow

Yellow is energizing in all the right ways. If you are looking for a bright, warm pop of color for your space, yellow is the best choice to do so. Yellow works to open the mind and increases mental productivity through its energizing demeanor without becoming overwhelming. Is there a happier color out there? We don’t think so! Try it in a warm backyard scene.

Try using shades of yellow in accent decor like throw pillows or wall art. Paint the walls in a consultation room or staff break room, not necessarily your treatment area – yellow still has a particular connotation when it comes to dentistry – no one wants yellow teeth!

7. Purple

If you want your dental or medical office to feel modern or mysterious, purple is the color for you. Darker tones like plum or mauve can create a sophisticated atmosphere whereas softer lilac and lavender feel chic and relaxing. Purple is a great accent color – either for an accent wall or for decor pieces around your office.

Bright purple is great if you want to create an outer space or magical fantasy feel for a kids area in your office.

8. Red

Red is a cannonball of adrenaline for any space. Like orange, this powerful color often works better as a transitional or accent color so as not to conjure up feelings of aggression or stress. Red is often associated with anger (or a blood tooth, ick), so use this hue sparingly. Pair it with other warm colors, like shades of brown, to create a warm cozy atmosphere. Pair it with white for a bold statement. Use it in western or barn themed office spaces for a warm and cozy space for children.


While it’s easy to want to choose just one color, we recommend that you select a few bright shades in addition to a dominant, neutral color to cover the largest space in your office. Go for a simple base like grey or white and use accent hues that create specific moods or tones to craft the perfect vibe for your office.

Our #1 suggestion? Choose colors that are calming or productivity-enhancing. Bluesgreens, or light purples could be the key to a trustworthy office space your patients will be happy to come back to again and again. It’s no wonder our underwater themed spaces are so popular! The ocean blue is as calming as it is playful.

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