Interview with Dr. Brett Pack – A Themed Office is a Blessing

Today we’re talking to Dr. Brett Pack and following up with him 2 years after we installed underwater theming in Moses Lake Community Health Center. Find out how the center has benefited from the addition of fun and colorful themed decor.

Watch the video to hear from Dr. Pack and marketing manager Stephanie Melcher and see a tour of their undersea themed health center. 

Tour this Underwater Shipwreck Health Center

IDS: Why did you decide to add theming to your space?

Dr. Pack: We decided to add theming to our space because we wanted to do something that would set us apart from the other clinics around us and in town. We really wanted to add theming to make our clinic an inviting place for the kids to want to come and get their dental care. Obviously, dental care can be a scary thing for a lot of people and we really wanted to take some of that fear out of it by making it a fun and inviting atmosphere.

IDS: How has theming helped the Community Health Center?

Dr. Pack: I think it helped give us an identity. A lot of people don’t know about Community Health Centers and a lot of people in our town don’t know that we’re even located here up on the hill. I feel like the theming we’ve done helps people to know that we’re here and put us on the map in Moses Lake.

IDS: Do you find that patients are more relaxed when entering the Community Health Center?

Dr. Pack: Definitely! I think that they are a lot more relaxed. This environment has a lot more color, it’s a lot more inviting, and they come in and they’re just wowed by all of the theming. That makes it easier for them to be relaxed about getting dental care. 

IDS: How would you describe the reactions from patients when they come into the office for the first time?

Dr. Pack: The patients are in awe, and not just the kids, the adults also. When they first walk in and they start going up the stairs and they see the whales they just light up. They’re amazed and they can’t stop talking about it. When they come back to the operatory and we let them back in the back they often comment on how amazing it is and how they really love the theming.   

IDS: Are you gaining new patients as a direct response to theming?

Dr. Pack: That’s really hard to quantify but I would say that we are. I think that anytime you get good word-of-mouth from current patients that that helps bring in other patients. Our schedules are full at the Moses Lake location and they keep getting fuller. Our dentists are very busy, our hygienists are very busy and we’re getting new patients pretty much every day. In fact, we’re getting so many new patients that sometimes it’s hard to find places on the schedule for them.

IDS: What has the staff’s response been?

Dr. Pack: The staff takes a lot of pride in our clinic. They love our space. They feel blessed to have it. Especially all of us that were here in our old space. Our old space was much darker, lacking in color, it was more stark and sterile. This is definitely something for the staff to be proud of and I think that they are. Everybody works really hard to keep all of our equipment and finishings very nice so it looks new. We’re about two years in and it still looks like the day they put it in. 

IDS: How do you personally feel seeing the theming every day?

Dr. Pack: It makes me smile. It makes me happy. I was heavily involved in the planning process, and I’ve been here for many years so I remember what we were like downstairs and even though we had a professional work environment it was just different. Every day I come up here and I’m happy to be here. I feel blessed to have this nice clinic and the theming just really adds to that. I think it just makes it a more professional space. 

IDS: What previous issues has theming helped solve?

Dr. Pack: I would say that we have a lot of anxiety. A lot of patients come in for dental emergencies, we see a lot of kids. I would say this has definitely helped reduce their anxiety, give them something to get their mind off the procedures and their fears, and really focus on something fun and upbeat. So I think it has done a good job in helping our patients feel more comfortable in our clinics. And like I said about identity. I feel like it helps give us an identity and sets us apart from the many dental clinics that are around, and other health centers that are around also.

IDS: Would you consider adding more theming to other areas in the future?

Dr. Pack: Definitely! We have talked about adding more theming to other areas. I think it makes the space more professional, more inviting, and I would like to see it continued not only in other spaces here in Moses Lake but at our other clinics as well. We would like to do something in Quincey to make that space very inviting for the kids and for the families. So definitely would want to add more. I would like to add some finishing touches to some of the things that we’ve done here. Maybe add a few more characters in the back office to match with the operatory and murals we have in there.  

IDS: What do you think are the most important benefits of theming?

Dr. Pack: The most important benefit of theming is the effect that it has on the families, and especially the kids. They love coming here, they love seeing the characters and they love interacting with the toys. It just makes it a place they want to come to and they want to be. That makes doing dentistry easier because they’re focusing on some things that they think are less scary and that allows us to do the work that’s so important. It helps us to really improve their oral health because this is a place that they want to come to and they want to keep their appointments, they want to come back. The parents don’t have a hard time when their kids want to come to their dental appointment.

IDS: How was your experience working with IDS?

Dr. Pack: IDS was really great to work with. They listened to us, they listened to our concerns, they gave us great ideas. When we were first trying to decide what we wanted to do and they came back with some of the under-the-sea drawings, we had some concerns that maybe it would be too kid-friendly and uninviting for adults. They took that into account and they used that in their design. I think we came up with something that is very inviting for adults and families, not just the kids. They were awesome to work with and they came up with an amazing product.

IDS: What do you think of the quality?

Dr. Pack: The quality is amazing. I initially thought “it’s going to be some kind of foam” and I thought “how is this going to hold up” and I had some concerns, but honestly it looks brand new. We have some areas that the kids really interact with. Our look-out mast that is a round circular sea with the turtle and spyglass – the kids just climb all over it. You would think that it would look kind of beat up after two years but it looks brand new. So the quality is very high, it holds up well, it looks amazing.

IDS: Would you recommend IDS?

Dr. Pack: I would recommend IDS for anybody that was putting some kind of medical clinic together. I would recommend it for anybody that is trying to cater to kids and their needs and their unique personalities. So definitely.

Dr. Brett Pack is the Chief Dental Officer at Moses Lake Community Health Center, a non-profit, community-driven and patient-centered healthcare organization. 

See the full underwater office theme here.

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