Dinosaur Themed Dental Office

A Dino-Mite Dental Clinic

Patients will be delighted as they enter this prehistoric practice! Above the reception desk, a cheerful brontosaurus and pterodactyl hold a sculpted leaf sign that welcomes them to their appointment. In the waiting room, an adorable dinosaur photo op with a juvenile t-rex sitting on a custom sculpted bench awaits. The t-rex holds a bowl of salad while grinning sheepishly up at its pterodactyl friend, revealing leafy greens stuck in its teeth! The pterodactyl is ready to help its friend with some dental floss and a toothbrush with toothpaste ready to go.

While kids wait for their appointment, they can make their way to the open and airy theater room. Custom curved benches sculpted to look like sedimentary rock take center stage. A smiling brontosaurus holding a bag of popcorn sits underneath the television, eager to watch the entertainment with the other kids.