Outer Space Themed Dental and Ortho Clinic

A Galactic Athletic Dental Practice

This client was over the moon to renovate his space-themed office after 20 years in business. His practice treats patients of all ages, so the design needed to have a universally appealing atmosphere.

When patients walk up to the clinic, they are greeted by an amazing rooftop landmark of a stranded alien that has crashed landed and needs a ride!

Inside the office, galaxy murals line the walls, adding color and interest to the space. The reception desk incorporates relief-sculpted planets with a cosmic mural backdrop. A friendly extraterrestrial leans against the desk, welcoming patients to their appointment. As a former college basketball player, incorporating the sport in the murals and 3D created a meaningful and personal touch for the doctor.

Flanking the reception desk, a space shuttle themed kids’ corner with play panels and command console is a perfect addition to keep patients entertained while they wait. A little yellow alien and its dog rest on a bench inside, creating a fun photo opportunity to share with friends.

The shining star of the waiting room is a spaceship themed “fly-in” theater, complete with LED lights, interactive control panel buttons, and murals filled with memorable gags.

Otherworldly murals add an engaging element to the two treatment rooms dedicated to pediatric patients. At the entrance of the pedo bay, a curious visitor peeks out of a ceiling hatch. Patients in the pedo bay will enjoy a rousing interplanetary basketball game between aliens and astronauts! Which team will win?

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IDS is an amazing company full of extremely talented and wonderful people. I just completed an IDS renovation on my 20-year-old office and it could not have turned out any nicer. I am amazed at how well they captured the entire vision of my office and incorporated it into the new design.

Every person I came in contact with was extremely friendly and professional. Elizabeth is one of the nicest, kindest, and most professional people I have ever dealt with. Stacy was extremely organized and professional throughout the project. The design artists and the manufacturing department are amazing!!! The project was installed by my two new favorite people in Josh and Brandon!!! These guys are ridiculously talented and also very nice people.

I could not be more pleased with the decision to work with IDS to completely rejuvenate and transform our office. Thank you guys so much!!!!!

- Dr. Jim Bowden

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