Underwater Themed Medical Clinic

Deep Blue Underwater Themed Medical Clinic

Surf’s up when patients pull up to the pediatric entrance of this underwater themed medical clinic. On the roof, you’ll see not one, but two landmark characters. A turtle catches some waves, while a dolphin greets patients with a wave.

Inside the clinic, blue murals and 3D coral create a cool and calm waiting area. A friendly seal sits on top of a custom sunken wood bench. The comfy seating area is a perfect place to relax, or grab a quick photo opportunity to share on social media.

The office halls feature beautiful silhouette wall murals, adding some stylish theming to the common areas. In the medical exam rooms, animated underwater scenes are sure to delight patients. Check out the clever visuals – such as the granny turtle knitting a kelp scarf, or the parrot fish… that looks like a parrot. There is so much to discover with every visit.

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