Bayou Themed Medical Office

Friendly Bayou Medical Waiting Room

When children visit this medical office they will be presented with lots of friendly characters, murals, and games to help keep their potential worries about medical treatments at bay.

Immediately upon entering the waiting area there is a custom bench sculpted to look like a fallen log that has two bear characters sitting on it. A mama bear is holding her cub who is not feeling well, a scene that both adults and kids can relate to.

To help you find your way to the play area from the waiting room there is an adorable raccoon character dressed as a nurse who is perched on a branch and holding a custom sign.

The play area itself has lots for kids to enjoy, including a hollowed out cypress tree as a kids corner that has game panels inside. This kids corner also has a very cute squirrel doctor armed with a stethoscope peeking out above the entrance. In addition to the play corner, the room features medical grade floor to ceiling murals showing lively bayou scenes and a game of I spy. There are also wall mounted tablet game units that provide even more entertainment and distraction for anxious patients.

Through their friendly themed decor, this practice has created a stimulating environment that is well equipped to keep patients calm and happy at their office!

This medical office has multiple locations, check out their other bayou themed office here.

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