Giant Insect Themed Mall Play Area

Mall Play Area Full of Giant Backyard Bugs

Located in a city that has cold winter months, this great playground alternative is a spot for parents to hang out and relax while their children play in a gigantic backyard atmosphere. The games and decor are designed to give children the experience of playing in a backyard as if they were bugs themselves.

Featuring a beehive video game station for older kids and KeeBee game boards for younger toddlers, there’s lots of fun to be had.



The area also includes multiple seating areas for parents and caregivers to watch their children play and learn. Giant blades of grass and a huge watering make for interesting seating. The stroller parking is a also a great way to keep the paly area open and uncluttered.

This mall play area is a destination for families, increasing foot traffic to the stores, while being a fun and interactive space for children to play and burn off energy.

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