Town Themed Dental Office

Tour Around a Town Themed Dental Office

Take a moment to picture a quaint town featuring a calming park, exciting shopping, a baseball stadium, and even a library and aquarium. Now picture everyone who lives in the town as an adorable animal friend!

What you are imagining is exactly what this dental office wanted, to transform their practice into a bustling town with animals that go about their lives and make friends with dental patients.

The waiting room features wall mounted game units, a 3D tree shelf, and a woodland bench. 3D and 2D critters fill every treatment room to help children feel welcome and comfortable.

Kids can even find an outdoor farmers market filled with animal shoppers in this little town! Which room is your favorite? We’re partial to the ones with the raccoons! Okay, you caught us, all of them have raccoons.

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Thank you for making my office so beautiful! The IDS stuff really was the icing on the cake for the office. I think the IDS install team would agree with me that their pictures don’t even do it justice; I wish you all could see it in person!! It really has been a pleasure working with all of you! I can not thank you all enough for your hard work, dedication and attention to detail.

– Dr. LoanAnh T. Bui

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