Pirate Themed Pediatric Dentist

Treasure Island Dental Office

Have you been on the hunt for gold? Well this pirate themed pediatric dental office just happens to land on where X marks the spot.

This is the second themed office for this client. They reused some of the designs from their original install and added a few new features, such as the pirate-ship themed play structure filled with treasure and friendly crewmates keeping an eye out for any incoming bandits.

While the little patients go down the slide, parents can post up on the rock cladded bench shaded by two palms trees and guard the loot since the silly hanging monkey is sleeping on the job!

All Imagination Design Studio bench and stool seating can be fitted with medical grade vinyl cushions for optimal cleaning ability. Check out the other bench designed to look like a beam from an old ship – one thing stays the same, the comfortable custom cushions!

Guests will be ushered under the bamboo framed doorway to the treatment bay, welcomed by a mom and baby pelican duo.

Before their appointment, patients can give their teeth a scrub at the custom shark themed brushing mirrors.

The friendly faces don’t stop there. When kids lay back in the treatment chair they can gaze up at the cheery sea creatures posed as if they where surfing through an underwater current.

But what really ties this space together is the spirited classic and contemporary IDS wall murals. This office transports it’s guests into a tropical escape and from front door to treatment area it is filled with creative underwater themed murals that tell a different story whichever way you look.


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We are in our second week open and the work you did has been a huge hit! Everyone loves it and looks amazing. Thanks for the follow up and all the help you provided.

I’m not sure who likes all the IDS work more – Just for Grins staff, contractors, parents or the kids. Looking forward to many fun years ahead!

- Dr. Jonathan Angwin

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