Undersea and Dinosaur Themed Dental Office

Undersea and Dinosaur Mega Dental Office

This dental office came to us with a desire to really WOW their patients! In the young children’s play area and waiting room, we campe up with the idea for an animated coral tower. Imagination Design Studios designed a stunning tower of coral that would use a motor to animate large ocean creatures so it looked like they were swimming in circles around the top!

Hanging from large fronds of seaweed at the top, a whale, a shark, a scuba diver, and other ocean friends slowly spin around the top of the coral tower. Even more impressive than seeing the coral tower in action is getting to see it from outside the office at night. With lights that imitate the reflections of water, the spinning tower can be seen through the office windows, creating a beautiful undersea nighttime display.

The coral tower isn’t the only feature that keeps visitors happy at this dental office; half of the office has been decorated with a dinosaur theme. A children’s theater was created with sculpted dinosaur characters that watch educational and entertaining videos alongside young patients.

This durable and high quality environment gives children an exciting place to play and creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes visiting the dentist a positive experience.

The owner of this office also owns a jungle themed office and an underwater dental office.

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When we opened after installing the octopus on our roof we were seeing up to 59 new patients a day.

– Dr. Derek Thompson
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